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Survey of the status of mid-career recruitment by foreign capital and Japanese global companies
Trends released of 15 items, including recruitment issues and methods by foreign capital/Japanese companies

We would like to announce that en world Japan K.K. (headquarters: Chuo City, Tokyo, president: Vijay Deol), one of Japan’s largest recruiting firms specializing in global human resources, published a report on the survey of the status of mid-career recruitment by global companies (foreign capital companies and Japanese global companies).

Background to the publication of the report

Because of the impact of COVID-19, human resource recruitment and employee workstyles have rapidly changed. The traditional Japanese employment system has recently started to collapse as Western-style job-type employment began to spread to Japanese companies; a response to the change is required. Under those circumstances, we published a report on the status of mid-career recruitment by global companies, which was based on a survey of 248 foreign capital companies in Japan and Japanese global companies. The aim of the report was to have a number of companies make use of the survey to develop strategies to recruit mid-career workers and to draft recruitment plans for the next period. en world Japan will continue to support global companies in their efforts to recruit mid-career candidates by providing a variety of essential information.

Message from our president


Vijay Deol, President &Representative Director

In 2020, our clients has faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the face of such challenges we feel strongly that our mission is more important than ever before and we have dedicated our efforts to continuing to improve our customers’ experience and, subsequently, supporting their journey through the challenges of 2020. Our “survey on mid-career recruitment” aims to provide our customers key insights on the market in Japan, both for foreign capital  and Japanese companies and job seekers.  Whether you have a key position that needs to be filled urgently or are planning your 2021 headcount for a large organization, the feedback we have received from the market should offer you information and perspectives that help you make more strategic decisions and, ultimately enable your success.

Ho to download the reports

This survey report serves as material based on data to comprehensively grasp the present status and issues of mid-career recruitment of global human resources and the present status and issues of personnel affairs by foreign capital and Japanese companies.

‐ Hiring methods that make it easy to secure the personnel needed/wanted
‐ Current problems for mid-career hiring
‐ Competitive advantage for the hiring process
‐ Total budget for mid-career recruitment
15 questions in total, such as the above

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Summary of Survey results

In this survey, foreign capital and Japanese global companies were asked 15 questions in a survey of mid-career recruitment and personnel/business challenges. We would like to introduce representative questions and answers extracted from the survey as follows.

■ The largest issue was the degree of matching applicants with a company. Foreign capital companies tend to place greater importance on matching human resources and the company.

The degree of matching applicants with a company was ranked first by foreign capital companies and Japanese companies. This shows that it may not be good to just blindly increase the number of applicants. The major issue is to find ways to increase applicants who match the company. Regarding the items that were ranked third and below, responses split between foreign capital companies and Japanese companies. “A mismatch after hiring” was ranked fifth among foreign capital companies, showing the tendency to place greater importance on matching accuracy between human resources and the company among foreign capital companies in which job-type employment is the common practice.

Q.1 Which of the following currently cause problems for mid-career hiring? 



■ What is needed in solving recruitment issues is “company’s brand power” for foreign capital companies and “compensation/annual income” for Japanese companies

Japanese companies consider “compensation/annual income” at 45%, which is a high figure, as the most important in solving recruitment issues. In general, foreign capital companies have a higher wage level, which might mean that many companies feel the necessity of aligning the offer level in order to acquire excellent human resources. “Company’s brand power” was ranked at the top among foreign capital companies. While foreign capital companies have job-type employment, and it is often the case that persons looking to change jobs look at the job description, the result shows that many companies feel brand power is important in order to look more attractive to applicants even if it is the same job content.

Q2. What is required to improve hiring issues?



■ Average selection period is “two or more months” at about 30% for foreign capital companies, which was a  tendency for a more prolonged period than Japanese companies.

When we asked about the average selection period, the most common period was one month (foreign capital companies: 31%, Japanese companies: 38%), followed by “two or more months” (29%) for foreign capital companies and “three weeks” and “up to 1.5 months” (19% respectively) for Japanese companies, which showed the difference in tendencies of both sides. In the case of foreign capital companies, personnel management and recruitment officers or managers who will be direct superiors may be in their respective home countries or overseas branches, which means the recruitment period tends to become prolonged.

Q3. What is the average length of time required for selecting mid-career hiring candidates?



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