Confidential Positions Find out about the services, the reasons for Confidential Positions, and its benefit.

Confidential Positions

Confidential positions are positions that are not listed publicly in our position search database or published advertisements.
The searchable position database on our website includes many attractive roles mainly with foreign capital and global Japanese firms, but they represent only one small part of all the positions that we are tasked with filling by our clients.

en world has active relationships with roughly 87% of all foreign capital firms operating within Japan, which means we have a wealth of positions to offer. One of these confidential positions just might be the perfect role that you have been looking for but have never been able to find before.

Three Reasons for Confidential Positions

Why do we offer confidential positions? There are a number of situations in which positions may be offered on a confidential basis only, but the following are the most common.

en world Exclusive Positions

en world Exclusive Positions

When positions for popular companies and job functions are advertised publicly, there is the potential for an overwhelming number of applications to be received all at once. To avoid that situation, a company may choose to use a single agency to introduce candidates for the position on a confidential basis. In such a case, those in charge of hiring at the company only review the resumes and interview candidates that have been rigorously selected to match the conditions set by the company.
We have trusted relationships with those responsible for hiring at firms across a range of industries, which makes it possible for us to have exclusive access to many confidential positions like these.

Openings in Critical, Senior Roles for the Company

Openings in Critical, Senior Roles for the Company

en world is often entrusted to fill senior roles in the C-suite and other executive post which bear responsibility for the overall management of a company. The search process to fill such roles is often conducted confidentially both inside and outside of the company because of their sensitive nature. For this reason, we need to manage them as confidential positions and only offer them to select candidates who are registered with en world.

Specialist Positions Related to Highly Confidential Projects

Specialist Positions Related to Highly Confidential Projects

Talented individuals with experience and skills in specialized areas are always in high demand for critical projects such as launching new products or expanding into a new line of business based on management strategy. For these positions, we cannot list positions publicly to prevent the competitors of our clients from gaining critical information about these confidential projects.

At en world we are entrusted to handle many positions like this which require senior candidates with specialized skills built in through working on such projects throughout their careers.

Benefits for Candidates of Confidential Roles

  • A Highly accurate match between a candidate's experience and skills and the role:

    Based on a candidate's registration information and our interview with them, the specialized consultant handling such confidential roles can introduce roles that are not open to many other candidates.

  • The potential to be connected to market leading or highly popular firms:

    Public Job listings for major or popular firms always attract too many applications. for this reason, many such listings are handled as confidential positions.

  • Connection to a great opportunity for career improvement:

    Highly specialized positions and top management roles are among the types of positions that tend to be confidential.

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