Service Policy

Service Policy

Job category coverage

en world Japan K.K.  is a licensed recruitment agency (Recruitment License: 13-yu-010605) with a job category coverage registered as “All Positions within Japan.”.

Regarding commission/service charges

Commission/service charges shall be charged as per the registered Commission Chart below.

Commission Chart

All fees above do not include consumption tax.

Regarding refund system

There may cases where a system of refunding commission/service charges will be introduced in the event when a candidate is successfully placed in a job but later leaves shortly after the commencement of their employment with the client (other than by way of constructive dismissal, redundancy, company reorganization or any other non-fault termination of such employee). The refund terms shall  be separately stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of Business.

Regarding complaints handling

We will sincerely deal with complaints from both candidates and clients. Please contact the complaint handlers below for any complaints.
Responsible persons (Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha): Yu Sato, Atsuo Kimura, Kuniya Kato, and Vijay Deol
Phone: 03-4578-3500

Matters concerning handling of clients’ information and candidates’ personal information

We will properly handle personal information we obtained from candidates/clients based on our Privacy Policy.

1. All en world employees, including not only those who are in the Sales division but also in the Administration division, are personal information handlers, and responsible persons among them shall be the following Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha: Yu Sato, Atsuo Kimura, Kuniya Kato, and Vijay Deol.

2. Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha shall give a yearly training/instruction about personal information handling to all en world employees, who are personal information handlers as written in Article 1. Also, Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha shall attend the official lecture for Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha at least once in five years.

3. When receiving a request for disclosure of personal information from the owner of the information (principal), the personal information handlers shall promptly disclose information such as certificates of professional skills possessed by the principal and/or his work history, etc based on objective facts according to the request. Furthermore, if a request for correction (including deletion, which is also applicable to the following) is made based on the disclosed information and the said request agrees with objective facts, personal information handlers shall correct the information in a timely manner. In addition, Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha shall try to inform candidates etc. of how the company handles disclosure/correction of personal information.

4. If a complaint is submitted by a candidate etc. regarding that individual’s personal information, complaint handlers shall sincerely and appropriately deal with the complaint. The complaint handlers regarding personal information handling shall be the following Shokugyo Shokai Sekininsha: Yu Sato, Atsuo Kimura, Kuniya Kato, and Vijay Deol.

Regarding complaints

Complaints should be directed to the consultant with whom you are working with. We are ultimately responsible for ensuring that complaints are dealt with quickly and appropriately, along with cooperation with other employment agencies and recruitment agencies. Please contact to 81-3-4578-3500 for any complaints. Consultation is also available at the offices below.

ハローワーク Hello Work Iidabashi
1-9-20 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

ハローワーク大阪東 Hello Work Osaka Higashi
2-1-36 Noninbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

ハローワーク名古屋中 Hello Work Nagoya Naka
1-21-5 Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku,Nagoya

(社)全国民営職業紹介事業協会 Zenkoku Minei Shokugyo Shokai Jigyo Kyokai
3-38-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Vijay Deol, President & Representative Director
en world Japan K.K. 


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