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en world Japan K.K. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director en world Japan K.K: Craig Saphin), part of the en world group of recruiting consultancies specialising in professional and managerial roles, announced the results of a survey of multinational companies operating in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The survey sought responses on issues relating to the recruitment and retention of managers.

Survey Overview

Lack of high-quality management
Respondent in all locations noted that it is difficult to recruit managers who fulfil all the necessary requirements.

Lack of creativity at the management level
A lack of creativity among employees in management positions is a significant issue in all countries surveyed. This could hinder future efforts by companies to achieve growth or ensure business continuity.

Lack of loyalty to companies
Declining loyalty was found in all countries surveyed, except Japan. Companies now face numerous problems in terms of retaining excellent talent. Respondents suggested that compensation and training programs could prevent the loss of talent.

The necessity of strategic internal corporate branding
Companies have not yet implemented effective branding strategies aimed at their employees. To retain excellent talent, corporations need to create communications that clarify what the company requires of employees. Clearly sharing the company philosophy and strategy with them will motivate all employees to understanding those principles.

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