en world Japan Announces Launch of “PROGOS”, RareJob’s English speaking test to its registered candidates at free of charge


en world Japan K.K. (headquarters: Chuo City, Tokyo, president: Vijay Deol), one of Japan’s largest recruiting firms specializing in global talent, announces that it will offer the business English speaking test “PROGOS”(https://progos.ai/en/), a product of PROGOS, Inc. (headquarters: Shibuya City, Tokyo, CEO: Masuyo Ando), a group company of RareJob, Inc. (headquarters: Shibuya City, Tokyo, CEO: Gaku Nakamura) for free of charge to its registered candidates from August 2, 2021. This is the first time that RareJob, Inc. is providing its product, PROGOS, through a recruiting firm, en world Japan, that is taking a progressive initiative as a global recruiting service provider. 

Background of Launching ”PROGOS” test

Along with the accelerated growth of global business expansion, the demand for global talent who can drive business by responding to rapid changes in business environment around the world is skyrocketing not only in foreign capital companies but also in Japanese global companies. 
To date, the main method to evaluate English proficiency of job seekers when changing jobs has been through referring to scores on written tests such as TOEIC or assessing speaking skills in normal conversations in English between job seekers and consultants of recruiting firms. Therefore, even for candidates who can speak business English, there was no opportunity to quantitatively assess their English speaking skills. For those who are moving to a position that requires speaking in English at a foreign capital firm or global Japanese company for the first time, or for those who are returning to a role that needs to speak in English after working in a position for several years in monolingual environment, it was especially difficult to assess the extent to which their current English speaking skills would be practically useful before joining the company.

Overview of “PROGOS”

Through alliance with RareJob, Inc., en world Japan’s  registered candidates will be able to take the PROGOS, a global standardized test of English speaking skills, for free of charge. PROGOS assesses English speaking skills quantitatively on eight levels based on the CEFR-J, allowing test takers to clearly understand their own English speaking level. en world Japan will provide a result of the PROGOS test to a client based on a consent with a candidate, preventing a mismatch between the language skills of the candidate and the expectation of the client. PROGOS test takers not only get the results of the English speaking test, but also receive feedback and specific study advice to improve their English speaking skills. Therefore, the free provision of PROGOS will support the global talent in taking appropriate steps to further improve their language skills. Through this initiative, en world Japan will further enhance its career support for global talent and promote their enabling success. RareJob Inc. with its strength in online English education, aims to provide service users with more accurate learning counseling and advice on setting learning goals based on PROGOS test data of global talent. en world Japan and RareJob group will enhance their services to global talent by creating synergy between career advancement support and enhancing English speaking skills.

About “PROGOS”

PROGOS (https://progos.ai/en/) is a test to evaluate practical English speaking skills with a special focus on business situations. It is a 20-minute test and its automated evaluation feature can return the results as fast as just a few minutes. The test can be taken anytime, anywhere online, regardless of the device. 
Overall speaking assessment of PROGOS is according to CEFR-J levels the Japanese version of the global standard CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment), as well as six analytical aspects of spoken language use by CEFR. 
PROGOS assesses practical speaking skills of test takers according to global standard and at the same time provides a feedback sheet that not only shows skills assessment but also provides suggestions on what and how to learn to the test takers. The CEFR has been introduced to Japanese universities in recent years, and with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it is expected to increase its usage in the future.

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20210708_en world Japan Announces Launch of “PROGOS”, RareJob’s English speaking test to its registered candidates at free of charge

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