en world Japan will commence its workplace vaccination program


en world Japan K.K. (headquarters: Chuo City, Tokyo, president: Vijay Deol), one of Japan’s largest recruiting firms specializing in global talent, announces that it will start its own COVID 19 vaccination program at its sites in accordance with the government policy on a workplace COVID-19 vaccinations.


■Start date
To be implemented sequentially as soon as the vaccinations are ready from July, 2021 onwards

■Vaccination areas
Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya

■Vaccination venues
Head office of en world Japan K.K. (Tokyo Square Garden) and our vaccinations venues in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

■Target persons for inoculation
Those who wish to be vaccinated among the following
・en world Japan’s employees (regardless of employment types such as permanent employees, contractors, temporary staff, or part-timers and more)
・Of the temporary staff and contract employees who have employment contracts with our Contract Professionals business, those who are expected to work until the end of August
・Family members in the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, or unmarried cohabiting partners of our target inoculated persons

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and consider and implement measures to ensure the safety of our employees and their families.

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20210628_en world Japan will commence  its workplace vaccination program


About en world Japan (https://www.enworld.com/)

en world Japan is a recruiting firm established in 1999 specializing in global human resources with offices in four countries in the Asia-Pacific region. We specialize in supporting Foreign Capital Companies and global Japanese companies in recruiting human resources for middle to high level positions. We help companies with recruitment and job seekers with career changes from every angle by staffing full-time workers, contract professionals, and executive human resources and providing recruitment process outsourcing solutions.


Contact information for inquiries about this news release

en world Japan K.K.  PR representative
Email : enworld-pr@enworld.com
Tokyo Square Garden 12F, Kyobashi 3-1-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031

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