Our Precautionary Measures to control and stop the spread of COVID-19 (Updated on January 8, 2021)


Announcement about en world precautions measures to the widespread of the coronavirus Infection

We would like to inform you that we are taking the following safety measures in world Japan, in response to the widespread of the novel coronavirus. 

We would like to ask all candidates registered with us, our contract professionals servicing at our clients, our all clients and stakeholders for your understanding and cooperation.  

<To those who come for our candidate meetings at en world/To vendors who have business meetings at en world>

・Continue with our scheme of our employees mainly working from home at our offices across Japan (*1)

・Prioritize holding phone and online meetings for business negotiations and face to face meetings (*2)

・In principle, organize online meetings for candidate meetings and interviews (for recruiting mid-career professionals and new graduates)

・In principle, events organized by en world are held online.

・Refrain from attending meetings for both business or private purposes as much as possible where a lot of people gather.

*1: If working from home negatively affects to carry out their tasks, or when they are required to physically present in the office to respond to laws and regulations or to meet customers’ requests, they may be physically present in the office.

*2: When they have face to face meetings with customers, we strive to control and stop the spread of the virus by requiring our people to wear face masks.

In such case, we will strive to control and stop the spread of the covid-19 by commuting sliding hours to avoid busy commuting periods, ensuring to have social distance, requiring them to wear face masks at all times, and thoroughly disinfecting hands or the touched surfaces with alcohol disinfectants.

<To all our contract professionals servicing at our clients>

If you happen to fall under the following, please contact your en world consultant, seek medical care early and follow the instructions of a medical doctor.​

・For those who are showing some signs of cold or flu-like symptoms (experiencing cold symptoms such as suffering fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, strong physical weariness or labored breathing), or those who may have contracted with an infected person.

・For those who were instructed to work from home or stand by at home from your clients. 

Please contact en world and follow the instructions of your client. As for your wages for a period you are instructed to stand by home, we will contact you once we confirmed with your client.   

▶ Consultation Center for New Coronavirus for Returnees and contacted individuals with infected persons (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)


Some preventive measures against the new coronavirus 

・Frequently gargle your throat

・Thoroughly wash your hands

・Use masks

Latest Information about the new coronavirus

・Prime Minister's Official Homepage

Precautions against the new coronavirus infection (http://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/headline/kansensho/coronavirus.html

・Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan Overseas Safety Website

Infectious Disease Risk Information (https://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp/info/pcinfectionspothazardinfo_009.html#ad-image-0

・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Homepage

Q&A about the New Coronavirus  (in English)(https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/kenkou_iryou/dengue_fever_qa_00014.html

■ Contact information about the coronavirus precaution: Please contact en world persons in charge. 

en world Japan List of our offices: https://cms.enworld.com/en/company/access/

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