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Total Talent Engagement: a holistic new approach to talent acquisition

Total Talent Engagement and it is designed to work before, during and after the recruiting process to make talent acquisition more efficient, systematic and effective.

The en world Total Talent Engagement concept


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Pre-employment: setting the stage for success

Your talent acquisition advisor.

Our diverse, multicultural consultants understand the constantly changing market and what it takes to build an effective workforce. Our job is to listen and learn, to understand your needs and propose a results-driven solution, whether for permanent recruiting, contract staffing, or a comprehensive Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) service.

Specialists who know your business

Our consultants have expert knowledge in a range of industries and functional specialties spanning financial services, technology, consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, and professional services. We know your business and speak your language.

From finding jobs to building careers

We work with candidates before we make introductions to ensure that they have the right skills, experience and personality to succeed. We help them smoothly exit their current situation and prepare them thoroughly for the next step in their careers.

Case study: A fresh approach

Problem: A European business services company needed a capable mid-level accountant on a contract basis to cover a three-year maternity leave. Working with various staffing agencies, the Finance Director took on a series of junior temporary accounting people, but none were able to cope with the demands of the job and the intricacies of the company’s accounting software.

Solution: After consulting with the Finance Director about his requirements, en world’s Contract Professionals team recommended that he change his approach and consider a more experienced person for the position. The team introduced a former Chief Accountant in his early 60s who was seeking to re-enter the workforce. Despite resistance from the HR department over concerns that the candidate was over-qualified, the candidate was hired and was able to work effectively from day one. Fresh thinking saved the day.

Employment: bringing the best people together

Quality over quantity

You won’t solve a recruitment problem by throwing resumes at it. We make better matches by getting to know people, by taking the time to learn about our candidates and client companies, by making the effort to talk and listen to them face to face. Only then do we make introductions – not necessarily a lot of them.


We maintain one of the industry’s largest and most diverse databases of qualified bilingual talent. More than half of our candidates are drawn from exclusive sources unavailable to other recruiters, including candidates not actively on the market. We employ specialists in candidate sourcing so that we can focus on direct sourcing and referrals.


We’re known for results, for not quitting until we’ve delivered on our clients’ requests. With tens of thousands of placements for more than 5,000 clients in Japan, our record speaks for itself. Many of our clients stay with us year after year, confident that we will deliver.

Case study: An insider’s access to talent

Problem: The Head of Sales at a global logistics company was having difficulty filling a sales position in a regional market. While the company typically employed bilingual staff to manage its international business out of Tokyo, this position called for a proven Japanese-speaking salesperson with strong local contacts. International recruiting agencies working with the company were unable to fill a purely domestic position and local recruiters were sending stacks of unscreened resumes.

Solution: working in tandem with counterparts at en-Japan’s en-Agent unit, our consultant was able to coordinate the introduction of a successful candidate within two weeks. en world became the Sales Director’s reliable one-stop source for all nationwide talent needs, whether bi-lingual or Japanese-speaking.

Post-employment: success after joining

Our work is not done when a contract is signed. We’re dedicated to creating long-term employment relationships that support career and business success for the people and companies we partner with.


Starting with the on-boarding process, we regularly survey both companies and employees to track the success of every placement. This helps clients to identify any problems at an early stage so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Post-employment data also provides a valuable input for future talent acquisition planning.


We provide learning opportunities for employees after they join their new company with monthly seminars and other educational opportunities through en-Japan. Our goal is to ensure that new team members thrive and have a strong, positive impact on business.

Case study: A post-placement success

Problem: A global financial services company in Tokyo had an opening for a junior HR staff position that was proving difficult to fill. The candidate proposed by en world was out-of-the-box – a European woman with interesting potential, but who would have to work in an all-Japanese, all-male department. The candidate was hired on a renewable 6-month contract. The question was, would the employment relationship work?

Solution: en world’s lead consultant on the project stayed in close contact with both client and candidate in the months and years after initial placement, helping the candidate negotiate repeated contract renewals and advising the client on staff relationship issues common in cross-cultural employment situations. The candidate was eventually hired for a permanent position and after being promoted to the VP level and earning an MBA degree was invited to take on an important global assignment. The client hopes to see the candidate return to Japan, perhaps as head of HR.