Example of how companies deal with temporary staff

Example of how companies deal with temporary staff

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) epidemic and declaration of a state of emergency, companies are making changes to the way they work with their employees. More and more companies are introducing remote work for full-time employees, but many of them are wondering how to deal with temporary staff.

We have compiled some examples of what each company is doing. We hope this will help you.


Example of how companies deal with temporary staff

■Company provide a laptop for WFH
The majority of companies provide the hardware to allow temp staff to WFH. Most companies ask the staff to come into the office for one day for orientation and to receive the laptop but then work from home after that.


■Wifi provided
Some companies offered to pay for the pocket wifi for the staff.


■ Cannot work but get paid minimum 60% of pay
For cases where clients are not able to allow dispatched staff to work from home, they are paying at least 60% of the regular rate for Leave of Absence. Some companies offered 100% of pay to show moral integrity and long term thinking about their employer branding.


■ Conversion as a solution
A company that couldn't allow dispatched staff to work remotely due to the nature of their work, so they decided to convert the staff to permanent employment instead.


■ Commutation
This is handled differently by company. Some companies only charge commutation for cases where the staff goes into the office but some companies and some other companies offer to pay commute even during WFH to cover the staff's increased utility cost.


In times of uncertainties, a lot of companies are encouraged to reduce their cost as much as possible and reducing non-permanent headcount is one of the easiest ways to do so. At the same time, many of the staff are working on business-critical roles and putting them on leave of absence or terminating their contracts has a significant impact on the business.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to handle these types of challenges regarding temporary staff, please do not hesitate to contact an en world Contract Professionals representative.

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