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en world Executive Search was established in October 2019 with a greater focus on senior leadership roles while providing market mapping and market analytics to further add value to our existing clients. 

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Why – en world Executive Search

enable success

With 20 years of experience in the Japanese market, en world has established its newest brand – en world Executive Search – in response to our client’s request to partner specifically in leadership recruitment.
Great leadership can transform a business and shape culture.  Acquiring the right leaders enables the success of a company and is essential to building a thriving and sustainable business.  By partnering with our clients, we can ensure the right leaders with the right skills and cultural fit are acquired to create the greatest positive impact on your business.

Type of Positions we help you search

  • President
  • Country Manager
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer) / Head of Finance
  • CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Director level
  • Business Development Leader
  • Bilingual leader
  • C-suite
  • Senior Executive

How – en world Executive Search

Intentionally Different

・ Agree to expectations around search and understand the expected impact to business in the short and long term

・ Understand culture fit, key required skills and experiences to ensure a successful hire

・ Develop a sourcing strategy  to identify candidate pools to target for engagement
・ Utilize multi-channel sourcing strategies to ensure we utilize our existing specialized networks while developing new ones

・ Evaluate candidates to understand key experiences, skills, leadership impact, management style and progression of career to
ensure a successful match
・ Provide reference checks early in the screening process to fully qualify the candidate's experience, skills and cultural fit

・ Present only qualified candidates who match your culture, skills and experience needs
・ Manage a structured interview process to ensure  both the clients and candidates are prepared and given timely, accurate feedback

・ Provide market insights into the candidate experience during their engagement with both the client and agent within the search process
・ Close each search off with a final report and meeting to gain feedback into what we did well, how we can improve and the insights gathered from candidates throughout the process 

What – en world Executive Search

Our focus is on leadership roles in commercial functions in the industries of:
 Consulting, FMCG, Retail/Luxury, Chemicals, Automotive, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Technology. 

Across all Industries, we focus on leadership roles in Finance & HR.


en world Executive Search” delivered on a tough Head of Commercial search in a short timeline for a critical role.  Each candidate was thoroughly screened and prepared for our interview and most importantly – they all fit our culture.  We should have gone to them first and will definitely do so next time.

President, Global FMCG business

We retained another agent for a critical Head of HR search, but after multiple rejections and only 3 candidates met, we decided to engage en world Executive exclusively.  Within 2 weeks we had a new shortlist of candidates that all exceeded our expectations, and within 6 weeks we had closed the search.  Exceptional work.

Regional Head of HR, Technology

Managing a search from outside of Japan is always a challenge.  en world Executive Search partnered with us to help all of our stakeholders understand the nuance of the industry, the challenges and the opportunities in the market.  They thoroughly mapped the market and weekly reported their findings and introduced candidates that fit our specific needs and culture.  What was expected to be a long, arduous search was relatively pain-free and the result was exactly what we hoped for.

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Manufacturing & Energy

I trusted en world Executive Search on simultaneous highly sensitive Sr Leader searches for our Japan operations. They worked closely with multiple hiring managers across geographical locations over an 8 week period to fill both roles quietly and discreetly.  We really appreciated their approach to the market and the hard work they put in.

Regional Head, Technology

Our Executive Search Process

1.Consultation with the client company

Our consultant will either visit the client company for a detailed discussion on the search criteria and current efforts to fill the role. The consultant will then prepare an outline of the candidate screening method suitable for the particular case, fee structure, and advance performance targets. Terms and Conditions will be confirmed at this point.

2. Screening and preparation of a candidate list

Since most projects will be highly urgent or unique in nature, the following specialized methods may be used to source and screen candidates in addition to the general screening method employed in contingency searches

  • “Talent Market Mapping” through our own networks or third-party organizations to identify key players in the talent pool.

  • Fee-based advertisements in publications, web sites, and other targeted industry publications. We will draw on our knowledge of regional markets and cultures to identify the best channels for advertising the role.

3. Candidate interview by consultant

The consultant will contact and interview the identified candidates in a careful and professional manner. Candidates fulfilling the requirements specified by the client company will be narrowed down to a shortlist. Candidates will be recommended to the company after verifying the accuracy of the information in their resumes and work history.

4. Arrangement of candidate interviews by client company

After recommending candidates to the client company, the consultant will serve as a direct liaison in arranging interviews of the candidates who passed initial screening.

5. Feedback on interviews, signing of contract and negotiation of terms and conditions

Throughout the interview process, the consultant will provide feedback to both the client company and the candidates.

Visit our Linkedin Page ”en world Japan - Executive Search" to see our latest updates.

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