Employee Interview: Johnathan McCaskill, Senior consultant@Legal&Compliance Team · en world

Employee Interview: Johnathan McCaskill, Senior consultant@Legal&Compliance Team · en world

Hello. This is Nao Sato from Talent Acquisition Internal Recruiter, enworld Japan.
Today, I would like to introduce Johnathan McCaskill, our Senior consultant at Legal&Compliance Team.

-Please introduce yourself

My name is Johnathan McCaskill.  I’m a Senior Consultant on the Legal & Compliance Team, and a qualified lawyer in my home country, the United States.  I’ve been in Japan for about three years.


- What made you decide to join EWJ?

I came to en world from another recruitment agency.  The head of the Legal & Compliance Team told me that I would be able to focus on private practice, which are lawyers who work at law firms.  That was interesting to me because I started my career in a law firm many years ago.  It was also a much bigger team than at my old company and I thought it would be fun to learn from colleagues who have been working in recruitment for much longer than I have.


- How do you feel about your experience at EWJ so far?

I am very happy I joined en world.  My colleagues have been fantastic and have made me feel like part of the family.  My manager is very knowledgeable and has always been very generous sharing his experiences and advice with me.  Working at such a well-known company also helps me connect with clients and candidates much easier.


- What do you do to enable your clients’ and candidates’ success?

I like to think of myself as a “strategic consultant.”  I usually work with senior lawyers who are trying to achieve certain career goals.  It could be developing a legal practice in an area that is relatively new in Japan, or trying to expand his or her client base to include international companies or Japanese companies that are trying to expand beyond Japan.  I think my value is understanding my client’s needs and having a deep understanding of the market and the talent in the market.  I also teach law classes at a university here in Tokyo, so I keep abreast of major developments in the legal world.  I understand how law firms work and how they develop talent, and I also try to understand what my candidates are doing, how they are developing as lawyers and how to help them achieve their career goals.  Hopefully, I can use all of this to match my candidates with the right law firms and my clients with the right talent.


- Do you have a message for people who are interested in working en world Japan?

For anyone interested in joining us at en world, the best advice I can give is to keep an open mind and ask lots of questions.  There are many successful consultants here who approach their work in different ways, and one of the things I enjoy about the company is that the most successful people are also the most willing to share their knowledge with anyone who asks them.  I take advice from almost everyone I meet and I integrate it into the way I approach my work.

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