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Trends by industry and job function and the key to success in mid-career recruitment in 2021 【Executive Search​】

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over 2 years ago

Demands for senior leaders rebound in anticipation of post-COVID-19​

Before April 2020, we had experienced tremendous growth and activity levels in clients seeking out senior leaders to enhance their business. This created opportunities across industries and functions as many businesses were actively competing for the best talent in the market. Post-April 2020, we experienced a dramatic shift in activity as business priorities shifted from competing for senior talent to utilizing their existing structures to stabilize their business in the wake of COVID-19, and many challenges this brought. Since mid-November as the second wave in Japan subsided workforces had begun to stabilize and acclimatize and Local, Regional, and Global Headquarters began understanding more around future market challenges and opportunities, transformational hiring at a senior leadership level dramatically increased.​

New expectations for lifestyle, renewable energy, and technology solution services industries​

In 2021 we expect to see an increasing trend in senior leadership hiring. ​
Partly this is due to an increased sense of optimism as vaccine programs begin to be rolled out and business priorities are executed as budgeting processes are completed. While we expect the business climate to normalize towards the second half of 2021, 2020 highlighted new priorities and strategies to action and transformation will continue to be a hot buzz word. Not all 2020 was gloomy for businesses. Some of this was predictable, but much of it was not. Some industries have come to the forefront as an increased emphasis on sustainability and purpose has resulted, and others have fallen behind as priorities of consumers have shifted. Look to renewables and technology solution business to continue to lead this change, in addition to lifestyle-related industries.​

 The demand for transformational leaders will increase​

Traditional Marketing departments continue to search out the best in digital and E-commerce and retail businesses scramble to establish a more robust omnichannel presence. Overall, the demand for leaders who are more dynamic, creative, engaging, communicative, and collaborative have only gained in value throughout the pandemic. With the stabilizing of the market and health concerns begin to decline, it is expected that we will return to pre-2020 market trends, though there will be a higher emphasis and demand for such transformational leaders.​

Partnership with a reliable consultant is the key to successful recruitment​

A strong partnership with the right recruitment professional is not only an extension of your business into the market as an outreach to potential job seekers but also an extension of the experience you want to create throughout your recruitment process. Utilizing the experience of a specialist is key, especially for those with access to talent pools from other industries. Together with a strong knowledge of your business and culture, matches can be made with experiences from other industries that can enhance your existing business. For clarity into real market conditions, it is often advantageous for clients to receive reports to help them understand transparently what talent pools look like to help them make key hiring decisions.​

For Senior Leadership hires, tailored search strategies built in partnership with an experienced recruitment professional, and executed on in confidential and pinpointed actions, will lead to greater engagement with the right talents. This ensures that the most are made of the targeted talent pools so that key roles are filled more quickly, more successfully, confidentially, and while serving to enhance your employer brand value in the market.​

Contribute to improving the degree of match with a thorough understanding of talent needs​​

Ensuring a talent is a strong match with your business, starts before a process begins. This comes down to how well your recruitment partner knows your business, your culture, and their ability to assess the talent pools they are targeting. It shows consistently that talents can develop skills on the job, but the culture fit is what influences the success of that talent in your business versus those who are not. Understanding succinctly how they operate, lead, manage, communicate, and work collaboratively is paramount to understanding if a talent is a match to your business and can execute on the business goals.​

Instead of leaving this to chance and our opinions as potential employers and recruitment professionals, we strive to understand this more thoroughly by completing reference checks mid-process, not at the end of a process before an offer being made. Understanding who are the right talents and how they have performed in past and what kinds of situations and cultures they best perform will allow us to match stronger and more consistently to ensure a reduction of mishires and an increase of best hires and retention rates.​

Executive Search Division​
Scott Wallace​

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