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enPowerian Spotlight Brady Richardson, Program Manager

Posted by en world Japan

over 2 years ago


1. 自己紹介 / Tell me about yourself

Before joining enPower, I spent 8 years working in 2 recruitment agencies, with the majority of the time focused in the healthcare space. 

I joined enPower in December of 2017 and worked for the past 3 years onsite at a European pharmaceutical company. 

I originally joined as a Senior Recruiter and then was quickly given the opportunity to become a Program Manager managing the onsite team and overall RPO program.

Recently I have returned to HQ and am overseeing a project at a Japanese firm in the telecommunications industry.





2. enPowerに入社したきっかけは? / What attracted you to join enPower?

After 8 years in recruitment agencies, I was looking to grow in a new direction.

I wanted to be able to work towards larger and more long term goals and felt going in-house to a Talent Acquisition position might give a chance to do that and use my experience. 

A few of my clients had used RPO services, but honestly, I did not have that much knowledge of the business at the time.

However, the business intrigued me since there has been such a massive trend towards outsourcing in general by multi-national corporations, that I thought this business likely has a lot of potential in Japan. 

For me, another interesting point was that by moving to different projects, RPO can give a person the opportunity to experience working at and gaining experience in multiple companies, while staying in one company.

Lastly, realistically as a recruiter I knew that it was a very high hurdle for me to be able to get hired for a Talent Acquisition position and work in a tier 1 company directly with only an agency background, but with enPower this was possible. 








3. enPower入社後に経験できたこと / What are some experiences that you didn’t expect to gain?

On joining enPower, I expected to learn about recruiting externally from the point of view of the client side.

Instead, I ended learning well beyond that by being completely enmeshed in the whole array of day to day HR operations of a mega-pharma company, managing a team hiring and onboarding 230+ people per year, internally and externally, with all of the attendant cross-functional collaboration with finance, procurement, various functions within HR, external vendors, and business leaders in all departments and around the globe.

I learned a great deal more in depth about the overall recruitment landscape in Japan and the real value that an RPO with great sourcing capabilities like enPower can add to a company’s recruitment efforts.







4. enPowerの魅力について / what is great about enPower?

When my son was born last year, I was able to take 2 months off for paternity leave and the company fully supported it 100%, no questions asked. 

They even advised me on the exact timing to get the maximum financial benefits!  That’s the kind of company it is.

The people are awesome and because of that the working environment and company culture of enPower is fantastic.

It is flexible, relaxed, people freely voice their opinions openly and honestly, and is very supportive of employees. 






For potential clients

The benefits of RPO for clients are many. 

You can outsource the entire TA operations plus essentially have an exclusive in-house recruitment agency at significantly lower costs.

Or you can supplement an existing TA function with sourcing, recruitment, or operational support.

You have the flexibility to increase and decrease resources to coincide with intense hiring periods. Whatever the situation, we have proven results to lower costs, reduce agency reliance, shorten average time-to-fill, improve operations, and increase stakeholder satisfaction. 

Also, since enPower is part of the en world and enJapan family, beyond RPO, you get access to mid-career, executive, and contract professional search services and enJapan’s job boards and online recruitment services.