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over 3 years ago

Shortage of talent in the rapidly accelerating field of Digital Transformation (DX).Recruitment of foreign nationals on the increase.

The cybersecurity, AI, and data science professions continued to show strong hiring demand in 2019. The increase in data analysis and security-related job openings at e-commerce, fintech, and payment companies has been significant, once again putting the spotlight on a shortage of personnel.
Since last year, Digital and Digital Transformation (DX) have joined the fields seeing further acceleration in hiring. In DX, there was remarkable job-changing from B2C companies, such as e-commerce, retail and commercial, to B2B companies. In absolute numbers, DX is seeing a shortage of experienced workers across the entire market. Companies, while feeling their way around, are starting to move to acquire candidates who have the potential to be the best. Against this backdrop, there are more and more cases of non-bilinguals changing jobs, and if someone has skills in languages other than Japanese, such as English or Chinese, then there are also many cases of them succeeding in finding new opportunities. However, we can also find many companies that have not succeeded in their recruitment. These include those with budgets that cannot keep up with annually rising salaries, which see candidates snapped up by companies offering larger annual salary and stock options.

Software and cloud companies continue strong performance in 2020. Early information gathering is key to successful recruitment.

Fintech companies, payment companies, software companies in the life sciences (known as “health tech”), and cloud-based companies (typified by SaaS) are expected to maintain strong hiring and capital / personnel investment in 2020. In addition, in fields such as security, data science, AI, and deep learning, the inflow of talent from overseas is expected to continue. With large M&As taking place in 2019, it seems likely that a certain number of candidates will appear in the market next year as a result of the restructuring. As such, it will be important to start market research and information gathering on job-changing at an early stage. DX and security are still a long way from market maturity, and we can expect the market to continue changing going forward.

Vice President
Takeshi Kitsunezaki

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