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over 3 years ago

The real estate industry is expanding. So too are opportunities for those with experience in financial services looking for a change of career.

In recent years the financial services industry has seen remarkable expansion in the real estate sector, including hospitality, real estate investment, and logistics real estate. While securing employment remains difficult, the number of positions available for those seeking a change of career is up from last year's figures. As in 2018, there continues to be a high demand for front office sales personnel. In a bid to keep operating costs down, businesses are increasingly managing middle and back office operations from overseas (India, Hong Kong, and Singapore).
Compared with the previous year, we are seeing more and more candidates wishing to leverage their experience in the financial sector in the consulting and financial technology industries. With an ever increasing number of businesses entering the finance and cashless payment service industries, there are plenty of opportunities for career change, albeit in an increasingly competitive environment.

New businesses face ever greater demands in the form of audits and regulatory compliance. Flexibility in the face of new challenges is the path to career development.

It is predicted that in 2020 the recruitment needs of startups which combined their existing financial services and IT will continue to increase. Candidates should be free from pre-existing concepts, and rise to the fresh challenges of a new position within an ever-changing market. This kind of attitude is anticipated to pay dividends when it comes to future career advancement.
From the beginning, opportunities for career change within Japan's financial sector have been overwhelmingly confined to mid-level and senior layers. However, we are currently seeing a proliferation of new businesses, and as a result, the demands of risk management, auditing, and compliance sectors are likely to increase. It is likely that Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and USCPAs, along with other qualified, skilled candidates with experience in the financial services industry will continue to be in high demand over the coming years.

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