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over 3 years ago

The world is focusing on strikingly growing the Japanese market. Talent acquisition and business success now dependent on changing how we work.

Even compared with 2018, the growth rate of consulting firms' Japanese subsidiaries has reached a strikingly high level. Even among firms that have branches in multiple countries, almost all of them focus on their Japan branches as they have the first or second highest growth rate. Requests are continuing to increase from businesses that want to commit to the development of business using new technology such as AI, IoT, blockchain, AR/VR, drones, etc., and the current state of affairs is that the investment needs of new businesses, rather than existing ones, are continuing to increase. In the labor-intensive world of consulting, it is always difficult to meet the needs of customers that will not increase staff; compared to last year, the number of hidings is increasing.
As it is becoming top priority to continue hiring while decreasing the number or retirees, there is an increasing number of companies that are improving the circumstances of excessive overtime working and a male-focused workplace, which were bottlenecks up until now, and making arrangements so that employees can build up their career for the middle to long term, have flexibility for way of working, hire a diverse range of people, and maintain a good environment for learning at work. While the severe conditions where one must hire ready-to-go employees or else a project isn't going to take off has existed before as well, depending on a company's scale, as the number of companies that succeed by opening up their gates to more employees is increasing, a difference is beginning to appear between those companies with clear success and those that do just a little better than the status quo.

Large scale hiring plans estimated to continue for some years. There is a large need for experienced candidates with a strong desire to learn.

In an opaque and VUCA business world, companies are frequently turning to consulting firms and their concentrated know-how and expertise, in order to find even the smallest competitive advantage, in order to increase the rate of success for their business, requests from companies are concentrated to consulting firms with an abundance of know-how. This pattern is expected to continue on from next year unchanged for two or three years. Already at the present time, as hiring plans of each company go into the hundreds or thousands of people, attracting talent is estimated to become more difficult. For that reason, it is becoming important to consider hiring those who, although without experience, "are sharp and able to work with customers" as a base.
These are circumstances where the need for experienced personnel will continue to increase. Among the candidates, those who are sought after are those who focus on "resolving the management challenges of various companies" and have the intention of prioritizing one's future career path (learning/growth) rather than one's own short term success.

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Yu Hiraoka

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