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enPowerian Spotlight #3 Hayato Shiino, onsite recruiter

Posted by en world Japan

over 3 years ago

enPowerian Spotlight #3 Hayato Shiino

Hayato is enPower’s FIRST ever onsite recruiter. Since then he built a remarkable career within enPower and is now an onsite recruiter at a top analytics software developer company.


“I have been working in the IT recruitment over 4 years and before that I was doing IT network/security sales for over 3 years.

When I heard about the business model of enPower and the founder's goals and dreams, I had thought it is good timing to see how enPower grows in this competitive field of recruiting (Indeed, we have had a few members at the first time and now more than 50 members within 2 years!). 

For my career’s sake, I wanted to pursue being "middle" in between agency and internal recruiter which should be effective if you pursue as consultant (RPO/Agency) or being internal recruiter in your future career.

I gained new ideas to use in multiple cases which comes from the client side. All the clients are different and there are different matters to solve.


As an RPO member, if you work in the client once, you will be able to cultivate your foundation for being as internal TA.  This could be the "Bible" for you as you go to the next further clients.


EnPower is “People, Culture, Diversity, Authenticity”

We are very international, we have multinational people from different backgrounds that strengthen enPower and keep our work energy in the positive direction!

If you are being authentic, people will listen your suggestions and idea at any time!"