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Project Contract Services Temporary Report

Posted by en world Japan

almost 7 years ago

en world accelerates the recruitment of specialists for each project in dispatch/contract services. We support the realization of a flexible HR strategy and ensures the right number personnel at the right time in new projects and business operations, by offering an on-demand-type service.

Below is an introduction of the merits of our project and contract staffing business through our Project Contract Specialist (PCS: non-permanent recruitment) business division, as shown in our placement performance below.

1. Introduction of candidates with strong English communication skills

80% of the candidates who were placed by PCS are globally minded, bilingual human resources with a TOEIC score of 700 and above. Our consultants listen not only to recruitment conditions but also the cultural background that employers have. They accurately check the language level of candidates, in order to more accurately match great human resources.

2. Introduction of management and administration level human resources that are essential to business continuity

The employment rate of highly experienced candidates in their 40s to 50s has increased, accounting for about 70% of the candidates. As an example, the introduction of human resources with management skills, who will be responsible for an entire project and recruitment for a limited time until they are replaced by a full-time manager has increased.

We handle each field in sectors such as finance and accounting, human resources/general affairs, financial services, IT/technology, supply chain management, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, sales and marketing and executive assistants.

Please contact our Project Contact Specialists (PCS) team when you are looking for human resources with high-level professional skills who are bilingual in Japanese and English. We will generally respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

For more details, please go to Project Contract Services.