When is the deadline to submit my time sheet?

毎月最終就業日に当月分の勤務時間の入力を必ず完了してください。 承認期日はエンワールドでの翌月第1営業日の18時までとなりますので、この期日までに指揮命令者の承認を取って下さい。 

Please ensure to complete the entry of work hours for the current month on the last working day of each month. Approval is due by 6:00 p.m. on the first business day of the following month. Therefore, please get your supervisor's approval by this date. 

What if I cannot submit my attendance by the submission deadline?

[03- 4578-3600 平日10:0017:00]  



Please contact the Support Desk by the submission deadline. 

03- 4578-3600 [Weekdays 10:00-17:00] 

We recommend contacting us by email as we may not be able to answer the phone. 

Where can I inquire about the Web Attendance System

[03- 4578-3600 平日10:0017:00 ]  



Please contact the Support Desk  

03- 4578-3600 [Weekdays 9:00-18:00] 

We recommend contacting us by email as we may not be able to answer the phone. 


When are paid leaves granted?



Paid vacations are granted on the first day of the sixth month following the month in which you start working. Please check the following URL 


When is the accrual date for paid leaves?





The first day of the month in which the work begins is the starting date.  

Example: If the employee starts work on April 5 
⇒ April 1 as the starting date, paid leaves will accrue on October 1, after 6 months of continuous service

How can I check the number of paid vacation days remaining or newly accrued?


ただし、Pay slipに表示されているのは前月末迄の残日数です。 


You can check the number of paid leaves remaining on the Web Attendance system. You can also check on your pays slip. 

However, the Pay slip indicates the number of days remaining until the end of the previous month. 

How long are paid vacations valid?



When 10 or more days of annual paid leave are newly granted, employees are required to take 5 days per year out of the total number of annual paid leave days. 

5 days of paid vacation must be accrued from the date they are granted until the day before the following year's grant date. 

In what cases must I take 5 days of paid leave? When must I take them and by when?



When 10 or more days of annual paid leave are newly granted, employees are required to take 5 days per year out of the total number of annual paid leave days. 

5 days of paid vacation must be accrued from the date they are granted until the day before the following year's grant date. 

What is the obligation to take 5 days of paid leave/year?

20194月の法改定より、「5日間の有給休暇の取得」が義務付けられております。 そのため、付与日から1年以内、もしくは契約満了までに必ず5日間以上有給をご取得ください。


From the April 2019 legal revision, we require our employees to "take 5 days of paid leave per year. Therefore, please be sure to take at least 5 days of paid leave within 1 year from the date they are granted or before the expiration of your contract. 

Can I use my paid leaves on my client company's paid vacation incentive days?


This is possible as long as it is a contractually scheduled work day. 

Can I take retroactive paid leave?



It is not retroactive. Please apply for and obtain paid leave in advance. If you need to take leave urgently on that day due to unavoidable circumstances, such as illness or nursing care of a family member, please be sure to contact the client company and en world by the end of the day. 

Can I take paid leave on a day other than my contractual working days? 


Paid leave cannot be taken on days other than contractual working days. 

Can I retain the remaining paid time after my current contract ends?



If the current contract is terminated, the paid leave will expire. However, if you start a new temporary employment through en world (the same dispatching agency) within 30 days of the termination of your contract, any unused paid leaves will be carried over. 

What should I do if I want to take paid leave?

派遣先へでの休暇申請が完了しましたら、サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )と担当コンサルタント/コントラクターリレーションマネージャーまでご連絡をいただき、勤怠上で有給申請、および勤怠登録をお願いいたします。 
システム上で有給申請できない場合は必ず弊社Contract Support TeamまたはContract relationship managerまでご連絡ください。


If you wish to take paid leaves, please check with your client company regarding your vacation schedule and submit your request to en world. 

Once you have applied for leave at the client, please contact the Support Desk (contract.support@enworld.com ) and your consultant/contractor relationship manager and apply for pay and register your attendance on attendance system 

If you cannot apply for paid leave on the system, please be sure to contact our Contract Support Team or contract relationship manager. 


Can I join Social Insurance? When can I join Social Insurance?


1. 契約で定めた1週間の労働時間が20時間以上

2. 雇用契約書において、その契約が「更新される旨」、または「更新される場合がある旨」が明示されている場合


Due to a legal revision in October 2022, social insurance (health insurance and employee pension insurance) will be enrolled from the date you start working (first day of your first contract) if you meet the following conditions. (If you are between 40 and 64 years old or have a dependent between 40 and 64 years old, you will be enrolled in long-term care insurance at the same time.)

1. 20 or more hours of work per week as stipulated in the contract.

2. If the employment contract clearly states that the contract "will be renewed" or "may be renewed.”

*Click here for Notes on Social Insurance Coverage

When can I receive my health insurance card?





After completing the application procedures at the health insurance union, you will receive a health insurance card from en world.  

Usually, the certificate will be issued between 10 days and 2 weeks from the date of qualification. If there is a national holiday in between, the number of days required will vary slightly. 

If you have dependents, there are additional documents to be submitted, so the certificate may be issued one week later than the one for you. 


Since I am now a dependent, do I have to join social insurance?



No, If you meet the requirements, you must leave your dependents and enroll in social insurance. 

I would like to apply for a family member to be a dependent on my health insurance plan.

サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )までご連絡ください。 



Please contact the Support Desk at contract.support@enworld.com.  

We will ask you about your situation and ask you to submit additional documents. Please note that you may not be able to apply for support depending on your family's situation. 

My contract will be terminated soon. What are the insurance related procedures?

ご就業終了後に、健康保険証返送用の封筒を同封しておりますので、届き次第速やかに保険証の返送をお願いいたします。 ただし、任意継続を希望される場合、あるいは国民健康保険への加入を急がれる場合は、お知らせください。 


We will enclose an envelope for returning your health insurance card after your employment ends. Please return the card as soon as you receive it. However, please let us know if you wish to continue your health insurance on a voluntary basis or if you are in a hurry to join the National Health Insurance. 

What will happen to my social insurance if my temporary employment has ended, and I have already found my next client 


社会保険資格に関する問い合わせは必ず退職する前に担当コンサルタントかサポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )迄にご連絡ください。詳しい状況を確認した上、対応させていただきます。対応できない場合もありますので、予めご了承ください。 

If you have a new job through en world before your contract ends, your social insurance will continue. 

If you have any questions regarding your social insurance eligibility, please contact your consultant or the support desk (contract.support@enworld.com ) before you leave the company. 

We will respond to your inquiry after confirming the details of your situation. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate your request. 



雇用保険 へ加入できますか。
Can I enroll in unemployment insurance?



You are obligated to enroll in unemployment insurance if you work for 31 days or more and are expected to work for one year or more. The minimum number of hours required for enrollment is 20 hours per month. 

雇用保険 (退職時)失業給付(失業手当)受給の申請方法を教えてください。
How do I apply for unemployment benefits

退職後、ご希望者に限り、離職票を発行致します。失業給付受給の為には、自宅最寄のハローワークへ出向き、受給申請をして下さい。受給申請の際には、求職申込書の提出が必要です。 下記書類をハローワークに持参下さい。 

  • 離職票
  • 雇用保険被保険者証
  • 印鑑(認印可)
  • 写真2 (3cm×2.5cmの正面上半身のもの)
  • 本人確認、住所及び年齢の確認できる写真付きの官公署発行した書類 (運転免許証、住民基本台帳カード[写真つき] 等)これが無い場合は、 旅券(パスポート)住民票国民健康保険被保険者証(健康保険被保険者証)のうちいずれか2種類(又はから各1種類で合計2種類)
  • 本人名義の普通預金通帳 



After resigning from the company, a rishokuhyo (release form) will be issued upon request. To receive unemployment benefits, please visit the Hello Work near your home and apply for the benefits. When applying for benefits, you will need to submit a job application form. Please bring the following documents to Hello Work.  

  • Release form
  • Employment Insurance Certificate
  • Personal seal (inkan)
  • Two photographs (3cm x 2.5cm, front and upper body)
  • Identification (ID).  Documents issued by a government with a photograph that can verify identity, address and age (driver's license, basic resident registration card [with photograph], etc.) . If you do not have these, you must submit (1) Passport (2) Certificate of residence (3) National health insurance card (kenkou hoken hihokenshasho), one of the two types (one each from (1), (2) or (3) for a total of two types)
  • Bank book in the applicant's name  

Please allow approximately two weeks for us to issue a Rishokuhyo/release form (only for those who request one) and an Employment Insurance Certificate (only for those enrolled in employment insurance).  

Please note that we are unable to answer questions about unemployment insurance or other Hello Work-related issues, so please contact the Hello Work office in your area. 


Who should I contact if I need a Certificate of Withholding Tax?

退職時の源泉徴収票は最終の給与明細と同時に給与明細サイトBulasにアップロードされます。最終給与日の前日午前9時以降にBulasへログインいただき、ご確認ください。PDFでダウンロード可能です。退職後3カ月迄ログインできます。ログイン情報をご確認したい場合は、サポートデスク (contract.support@enworld.com )までご連絡ください。


Withholding tax at the time of retirement will be uploaded to the Bulas payroll site at the same time as your final paycheck. 

Please log in to Bulas after 9:00 a.m. on the day before your last payday to review the form, which is available for download as a PDF file. You can log in up to 3 months after leaving the company. If you need to verify your login information, please contact our support desk at contract.support@enworld.com

If I apply for a withholding tax certificate, when will you issue it?


Issuance will be after the last payroll payment date. 

What if I need a certificate of employment or resignation? 

サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )迄ご連絡ください。 


Please contact support desk (contract.support@enworld.com ). 

What should I do if I want you to issue a certificate of income or a certificate of employment?

サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )まで、お名前・社員番号・ご希望の書類を明記の上ご連絡ください。 


Please contact support desk (contract.support@enworld.com ) with your name, employee number, and the documents you require.  

If we need to fill out the form by hand, please contact us with the required documents attached to an e-mail. 

What should I do if I want you to issue a rishokuhyo (release form) or an employment insurance card?


離職票がご入り用でしたら、お名前と社員番号を明記の上、サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com) へご連絡ください。


It takes about two weeks to issue a rishokuhyo/release form (for those who request it) and an employment insurance card (for those enrolled in employment insurance).  

If you need a release form, please contact our support desk (contract.support@enworld.com) with your name and employee number. 

When will the Health Insurance Disqualification Certificate be issued? What about the Certification of Loss of Social Insurance ?


It will be issued and sent to you as soon as we confirm the return of the insurance card. 


Do you provide education and training?



We offer e-learning to those who have worked as temporary employees for a certain period of time. 
Eligible staff will be notified by email separately. If you have any questions, please contact your Contractor Relationship Manager. 


When is the pay day? 




Salaries are paid on the 20th of the month following the month of employment. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be paid on the day before the holiday. 

Where can I view my payslip?



スマートフォン: https://mobile.bulas180.com/smart/ 

ログイン方法・ログイン情報が分からない場合は サポートデスク(contract.support@enworld.com )までお名前と社員番号を明記の上ご連絡ください。

Pay slips are available on the payroll website the day before payday. 

PC: https://mobile.bulas180.com/pc  

Phone: https://mobile.bulas180.com/smart/ 

If you are not sure about how to log in or your login information, please contact our support desk at contract.support@enworld.com with your name and employee number. 

 How are commuting expenses reimbursed? 




We reimburse commuting expenses at the end of each month based on the travel expenses listed in your contract.  

If your commute route changes due to relocation or office relocation, please be sure to inform your consultant or contract relationship manager (CC: Payroll: contract.support@enworld.com) of your commute route and new address.  

A commuting allowance will be paid based on the daily commuting cost multiplied by the actual number of days worked or the cost of a monthly commuter pass, whichever is lower.  

The maximum monthly payment is 50,000 yen. 

在宅勤務はできますか。 また在宅勤務をしたときに手当の支給はありますか。
Can I work from home? Is there a WFH allowance? 





It is possible with permission from the company you are working for.  

Allowances are provided only when they are paid by the client. 

I would like to register/change my bank account for the payment.

サポートデスク (contract.support@enworld.com)、またはContractor relationship manager迄ご連絡ください。 


Please contact our support desk (contract.support@enworld.com) or contractor relationship manager. 

Please fill out the "Bank Transfer Request Form" and we will process your registration/change. Please note that depending on the timing, we may not be able to make the change in time for the next bank transfer. 

Is the resident tax deducted from my salary?



Resident tax is not deducted. If you are paid by en world, we submit a payroll tax payment report to the local municipality at the beginning of the following year. Based on the report, you will receive a tax payment slip from the municipality (around June or July). After that, please make the payment by yourself. 


Can you handle my year-end adjustment?

10月中旬までに入社の方が対象となります。対象となる方には、10月~11月にかけて年末調整書類をお送りし、当社での年末調整を実施いたします。それ以降入社の方については、担当営業またはcontract.support@enworld.com までお問い合わせください。


The program is only available to those who joined the company before mid-October of the same year.
Eligible employees will receive the year-end adjustment package between October and November, which will be filed by the company upon completion.
For those joining after mid-October, please contact your sales representative or email to contract.support@enworld.com.

I am registered with several temporary staffing agencies and work as a temporary staff. Do I have to do the year-end adjustment by myself?



Please submit a Certificate of Withholding Tax for the current year from another temporary employment agency to the temporary employment agency where you are employed at the end of the year. 

However, a Certificate of Withholding Tax for the current year cannot be issued until all payments for the year have been completed. Also, please note that the deadline for receiving year-end adjustment documents differs from company to company. 

At en world, staff who joined us by November 20th are subject to the year-end adjustment, so if you join us in December or later, you will have to file your own tax return. 


Can I have a medical checkup? 



Staff who have worked for en world for more than one year and are covered by social insurance are eligible for a free medical examination once a year. All staff members will be notified in advance. 


What is workers' accident compensation insurance? Can I get workers' compensation insurance? 



This is a relief system for work-related disasters, such as accidents on the way to work or injuries during working hours. 

All employees of en world are automatically covered by this workers' accident compensation insurance, and all insurance premiums are paid by en world. 

Who should I contact if I am injured on my way to work (at work)?


Please contact your consultant or contractor relationship manager. 


I would like to take maternity, parental, or nursing care leave.


Please contact your consultant or contractor relationship manager. 










What should I do if I suddenly have to be absent from work, leave early, or arrive late 

欠勤又は半日欠勤の場合は、エンワールドとクライアント企業に、必ず連絡して下さい。 交通機関の遅延など予測できない事情で遅刻した場合は、就業時間前までにクライアント企業に連絡をお願いいたします。


In the event of an absence or a half-day absence, please be sure to contact both en world and the client company. If you are running late due to unexpected circumstances, such as transportation delays, please contact the client company before working hours. 

What should I do if I have a problem at work?


Contact our Consultant and Contractor Relations Manager.

I would like to discuss an employment concern, who should I talk to?


Please contact your consultant or contractor relationship manager. 

If I work overtime, will I receive overtime pay?



Yes, if you work in excess of the legal working hours stipulated by the Labor Standards Law, you will be paid a premium wage calculated at a rate of 25% or more of your regular wage.  

In addition to overtime work, when workers are required to work on statutory holidays, they are paid premium wages calculated at a rate of 35% or more of their regular wages, and when they are required to work late at night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next morning, they are paid premium wages calculated at a rate of 25% or more of their regular wages, 50% when overtime work exceeding statutory prescribed hours constitutes late night work, and 60% or more when work on a statutory holiday constitutes late night work. 


Are the work rules of the client company applicable?

派遣労働者は、派遣元(=派遣会社)と雇用契約を結んでいるため、原則として、派遣元(=派遣会社)の就業規則が適用されます。 但し、通常、就業する場所は派遣先の事業所内となるため、派遣先の事業所内に係る安全衛生や機密保持、個人情報保護、その他セキュリティーなどに関する内容については、派遣先の規則などが適用されます。 

Since dispatched workers have an employment contract with a dispatch company, in principle, the rules of employment of the dispatch company apply to them. However, since the place of work is usually within the client's office, the client's rules and regulations regarding health and safety, confidentiality, protection of personal information, and other security issues related to the client's office will apply. 

Is there an annual evaluation?


Yes, annual evaluations are conducted once a year for staff who meet certain criteria. 

その他、ご不明な点などがございましたらお気軽に弊社Support Teamまでご連絡ください
Should you have any further inquiries you concern, feel free to contact us.