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Hello, this is Shinko Nakayama of en world Japan. 

I would like to share some of the advantages of taking vacations to those of you who have been trying your best and have kept pushing yourself to this point.  


Compared to leading western countries, Japanese workers are reluctant to take their paid holidays. 

The online travel agency Expedia Japan conducted an annual survey on “Vacation habits of employed adults” among 19 countries and regions in 2018. 

There were 11,144 valid responses and it revealed that the rate of paid holidays taken by Japanese workers was the lowest of all countries for three straight years at 50%, and the number of days taken was 10 days, which was also the lowest along with the United States and Thailand.  

What's even more interesting is that Japanese workers had a low ratio of those who felt they lack time off compared to other countries where the number of paid holidays taken was relatively low.

Japanese people don't want to take days off, even though they have not used their paid holidays. Do Japanese people have different mindsets about taking a vacation compared to people from other countries?