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When starting a new role in a new company you want to get up to speed as quickly as possible and become a valued member of the team as fast as possible.

However, many of us end up so busy working on our tasks, that we forget to spend some time to work on ourselves.

However, this is a wasted opportunity because a lot of what you are doing, or whom you are interacting with is in fact new, and the best way to learn & improve is to spend some time on self-reflection. 

■So, what if there was a way to: 

・increase the chances of achieving your goals in your new workplace 

・reduce the amount of stress that you may be facing 

・boost your memory, so you don’t forget all the new things you are learning 

・improve your communication skills 

・improve your self-confidence 

・increase your IQ and EQ 

…and all it took was about 15 minutes per day; wouldn’t you want to know how? 

Well, all you need to do is keep a learning journal. Research shows that outstanding leaders take time to reflect, and the act of keeping a journal has great personal benefits too.  

│Steps to Starting a Journal 

1. Buy a journal.
    Any journal will do, but make sure it is handwritten; using a computer or your phone does not bring the same benefits as pen to paper. 

2. Block 15 minutes in your calendar. 
    This can be in the morning or afternoon, but make it a routine and commit to it.
    Having something to look forward to can make it easier, so pair your journal writing with your favorite beverage or snack. 

3. Find a quiet place. 
    One where you can reflect, and where you won’t be interrupted. 

│How to Write a Journal 

So, you’ve got your pen, your journal, your favorite drink, and everything is quiet – what do I write? Studies show that you can write whatever you like, but as our goal is to get up to speed in our new roles as quickly as possible and become a valued member of the team, you can use the following prompts to get you started: 

  ▶   On a scale of 1-10, how well did I perform today? 
        ・What went well? How did that happen? 
        ・What didn’t go so well? What should I do to avoid that in the future? 

  ▶   What are my biggest challenges right now? 
        ・How can I overcome them? 

  ▶   What am I most excited about right now? 

  ▶   What needs my attention right now? 

  ▶   What did I learn today? 
         ・How did I learn it? Who did I learn it from? 

  ▶   What should I do tomorrow to make it even better than today? 

I challenge you to start a journal for at least seven days so you can see the benefits for yourself. 

My hope is that you will continue to write your journal beyond this time, and see it as a great way to end each day so you can go home refreshed, and as a fantastic tool that supports your career development. 

Happy journaling!! 

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Trent Barker  
Learning & Development Manager 

Trent Barker is the Learning & Development Manager at en world and is responsible for all training initiatives. Originally from Sydney, Australia he has been living in Japan for close to 10 years. His career started at en world as a recruitment consultant, before transferring into a training role that utilized his background in human resources and learning & development. Over the last two years he has been working on the enhancement of our onboarding, sales, and leadership programs so en world can continue to enable the success of our customers.