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How can I check my payslip?

Please visit here for checking your payslip.

When is my payday?

月末締め翌月20日支給です。 土日祝日と重なる場合はお休みの前日となります。
Closing at the end of the month, payment on the 20th of the following month. If the payday is a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, it will be transferred on the day before.

Can you explain the Social Insurance System?

Please also see the link below for more details of it. ​



How can I request to issue the withholding tax slip?


ログイン情報をご確認したい場合は、 までご連絡ください。

The withholding tax slip will be uploaded on your Bulas account once your last salary is set. Please check your Bulas account after 9 am on the day before your last payday. The tax slip can be downloaded as PDF.

If you need to confirm your login details, please contact us at


Is it possible to work from home?


Dispatched workers need to work at the office under the supervision of their direct supervisors. However due to the coronavirus situation, we allow our temporary staffs to work from home if we get approval from the clients. Please ask your consultant in charge if you would like to discuss this.

Would it be possible to keep the remaining paid leave after the termination of my current contract?


Once your contract is terminated, the remaining paid leaves will be invalid. If you get a new offer as a temp staff from en world and start the job within 30 days counting from your last contract end date, the paid leave will be carried over to your new contract.

Can you explain the rule of mandatory 5 days paid leave/year to take?

2019年4月の法改定より、「年5日間の有給休暇の取得」が義務付けられております。 そのため、付与日から1年以内、もしくは契約満了までに必ず5日間以上有給をご取得ください。

According to the law enfocement in 2019, "5 days paid leave per year is mandatory to take". Please make sure to take at least 5 days within a year counting from the grant date or before your contract end date, whichever is earlier.

How can I get an income certificate and a certificate of enrollment?


Contract support team is in charge of issuing those documents. Please contact us at ( with your name and employment number. If you would like us to fill out any specific forms, please also attach it to the email.

How can I apply for paid leave?

派遣先へでの休暇申請が完了しましたら、と担当コンサルタント/コントラクターリレーションマネージャーまでご連絡をいただき、勤怠上で有給申請、および勤怠登録をお願いいたします。 ​

※システム上で有給申請できない場合は必ず弊社Support Teamまでご連絡ください。



​Please get the paid leave approval from your direct manager at work and contact our contract support team ( the consultant in charge. For timesheet, please make sure that you register your timesheet record as "Paid leave".

Is there any training program from en world Japan?


​After a certain period of your work through us, we provide an account of our e-learning course. The details of it will be shared by email, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your contractor relationship manager in charge.

How can I take maternity/parental/nursing leave?


Please contact our contract support team ( and your consultant in charge of en world.

When would paid leave be available?


例)6/15 に就業開始した場合→ 12/1 に有給付与予定


Paid leave will be granted on the 1st day of your 6th month counting from your start month. If you work more than 5 days a week, 10 days will be granted on the first grant date. However, the amount of paid leave depends on how many days you work per week. Please also see the link below for more details of it. ​

How does en world calculate the commute fees to the office?


We calculate the commute expense following the signed contract. When you relocate or the office relocates, please contact your consultant in charge and contractor relationship manager(CC: contract, with new route and address.


May I ask for the unemployment insurance?


​If you have any questions related to hellowork including unemployment insurance and other benefits from the government, please contact hellowork directly.


How can I request for the certificate of unemployment?


If you would like to receive a proof of unemployment, requesting to our contract support team is necessary. Please email to with your full name and employment number. It will be issed and sent to you after your resignation.

How can I return my health insurance card? Where should I send it to?


​Once your resignation has confimed, we will be sending the envelop to collect your insurance card. Please return the card with the return envelop we send.

When does en world Japan issue Health Insurance Disqualification Certificate


Once your health insurance returns to us, we will process to issue and send it to you.

その他、ご不明な点などがございましたらお気軽に弊社Support Teamまでご連絡ください。
Should you have any further inquiries you concern, feel free to contact us.