January 14, 2016

Hanoi, 13 January 2016 — Navigos Search, a Vietnam’s leading recruiting agency, focusing on senior personnel, has recently published a report on the recruitment demands for mid-level and senior managers in Vietnam in Q4/2015. In this quarter, we have not witnessed many changes in recruitment demands by industry. Top 5 industries with the highest recruitment demands belong to Manufacturing (22%); Retail and FMCG (14%); Garment & Textile (10%); Banking – Finance – Insurance (10%); and IT (7%).

“Hottest” positions to be recruited in 2015
Recruitment demands sent by clients to Navigos Search have partly reflected Vietnam’s busy recruitment market in 2015. In particular, the recruitment demands through Navigos Search increased by 44% in 2015 compared to 2014. The most recruited positions include electricity engineer, electronics engineer, programming engineer, marketing and sales. Meanwhile, smart phone manufacturing, garment & textile, retail and FMCG are the industries with the “hottest” recruitment demands.

Industries with the highest salaries in 2015
In Hanoi, banking and finance ranks the 1st place among top 10 industries with the highest salaries in 2015. Salaries of mid-level and senior managers in this industry range from 100 to 200 million VND per month. The industry is followed by manufacturing, real estate…
Meanwhile, in HCMC, health care ranks the 1st place among top 10 industries with the highest salaries for mid-level and senior managers. It is followed by FMCG, retail, banking and finance…. Salaries of these top 10 industries range from 70 to 225 million VND per month.
Based on the data of Navigos Search, the highest monthly salary for mid-level and senior managers was 225 million VND, up by 11% in 2015 in comparison with 2014 (202 million VND).

Notable movements in recruitment in 2016
According to recruitment experts at Navigos Search, there will be some notable movements in recruitment demands in 2016.

In 2016, the most notable one will be pharmaceutical industry, including both local and foreign pharmaceutical companies. The local pharmaceutical industry grows very fast, especially for functional foods; therefore, mid-level managers of marketing and sales in this industry may be highly recruited in the year. For foreign pharmaceutical companies, M&A of local pharmacy producers possibly continues to take place, resulting in high recruitment demands. Also, managerial positions such as sales manager, product manager and relevant technical positions are highly recruited ones.

Telecommunications will also be anticipated to have a pretty high recruitment demand when the 4G technology is officially launched in early 2016. The 4G technology vendors have been well prepared to recruit more personnel for their projects.

Consumer finance will be likely to have a high recruitment demand this year when many banks have planned to acquire finance companies to boost consumer loans.

In the commercial IT industry, foreign companies operating in Vietnam tend to recruit experienced overseas Vietnamese graduates from neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Normally, these candidates have owned 5 to 6 years of work experience in their study countries after graduating from university. With fluent English skill and high technology expertise, they are warmly welcome and highly recruited by foreign companies in Vietnam.

Besides, some notes should be made to other recruitment demands in the manufacturing industry, especially in the North where some factories will be relocated in other localities rather than in popular industrial parks in neighbouring provinces of Hanoi. This means it will be more difficult to look for mid-level and senior managers. For the retail industry, the trend of opening convenient stores will be superior to big supermarkets; therefore, there will be more recruitment opportunities for fresh graduates. Managerial positions in the FMCG will continue to be highly hunted because of the instant shortage of personnel in this industry.

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