Survey of MNCs in Thailand – The good, the bad and the best pay

This survey closed on August 12, 2015. Download the Report. Thank you for your participation.

Imagine the scene…your recruiter calls you and tells you about a new job opening that would be perfect for you. The responsibility, salary, location, industry – all a perfect match.

There is just one catch.

You told your recruiter that you never wanted to work for a company from Europe. A few of your friends have had bad experiences. You heard that they were full of politics, local staff are not respected by expat management and the prospects for promotion were poor.

So what do you do? Apply for the job or not?

Would you have acted differently if the company was Japanese? American? Thai?

en world’s MNC clients want to hear the opinions of professionals like you.

By taking part in this short online survey you will help MNCs in Thailand understand market perceptions and become better employers.

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