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About en world’s client companies and positions

About Personal Information


Q1. How do I register with en world?

A. Registration is free. To become a registered candidate, please sign up your profile by clicking “Register Now”. We will contact you within a week to inform you if your registration was successful and whether we have suitable positions for you now or in the future.

Once you have found a matching job through Job Search, click the “apply now” link and follow the instructions to create your user account. We will then process your application and give you feedback about whether this is a suitable match for you.

As our clients have very specific requirements we do not want to waste your time with registration if we are unlikely to be able to match your needs in the future.

Q2. Do you charge any fees for registration?

A. We do not charge any fees for the candidate at any registration and recruitment processes.

Q3. Are there any conditions of becoming a registered candidate?

There are no conditions for you to register with en world. We may require certain skills and experience depending on the client and position open. en world Thailand introduces positions from middle to executive class in the fields of Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Consumer, Technology, Supply Chain & Procurement, Legal & Compliance, Financial Services, Fashion & Luxury, and Engineering & Manufacturing. The more we know about you, the better prepared we will be to find the right opportunity, so a consultant will meet with you face-to-face at our office to discuss your career plans and qualifications.

Q4. What are the benefits of registering with en world?

A. Our goal at en world is to create the ideal match between the candidate and client company. We seek connections that bring success and satisfaction to both sides. We’ve made more than 12,000 successful introductions since 1999, so our record speaks for itself. We’re a Japanese company with a global orientation and a fast-growing network in Asia-Pacific. We maintain deep and long-standing relationships in this market, we know our industries, and we understand the needs of our candidates. We’ll help you gain a competitive edge in your job search. Start your search here.

Q5. What kind of background and experience do your consultants have?

A. Our consultants often have work experience in their specialist industry. We also provide in depth training and professional development opportunities for all our consultants with a dedicated Training Team based in Tokyo and Singapore.

Q6. Is it possible for me to register interest in more than one region at the same time?

A. You are able to register for with the entire en world Group across our APAC locations. Should you wish to opt out of a specific region, please let us know when you have an initial face to face counseling with your consultant.

Q7. I’m not sure I’m ready to change jobs right away. Is it possible to just register and discuss my future career goals and market value with a consultant ?

A. Of course! Leaving your current employer straight away may not be the best choice for you to achieve your career objectives. Please contact us so that we can arrange a face to face counseling and provide you with comprehensive advice, such as appropriate timing for your successful recruitment and an update on market trends for your industry. The counseling takes 60 to 90 minutes in total. If your schedule during business hour is very tight, we are happy to arrange to meet outside of office hours.

About en world’s client companies and positions

Q8. Tell me about your main client companies.

A. en world’s main clients are global companies with progressively-minded management looking for the best mid-career professionals to build top-performing teams.

Q9. What kind of positions do you introduce to candidates?

en world Thailand handles middle management to executive class jobs in the fields of Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Consumer, Technology, Supply Chain & Procurement, Legal & Compliance, Financial Services, Fashion & Luxury, and Engineering & Manufacturing. In order to introduce suitable opportunities to you, our experienced recruitment consultants will discuss your career plans and personal goals as well as your skills and experience. We will then work with you to prepare for applications and interviews.
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Q10. Do I have to apply to all the jobs you recommend?

A. You do not need to apply to any of the positions we recommend if you feel they don’t match your needs. We do not submit your application to our client company without your permission. Please give your consultants feedback about why the position is not suitable so we can hone our matching criteria for you in the future.

About Personal Information

Q11. How do you handle candidate’s personal information?

A. There is standard policy regarding personal information in en world. None of your personal information will be used for purposes other than supporting your recruiting activities. en world also takes all reasonable measures to ensure the security of personal information held by us.

Q12. Do you submit candidate’s personal information to your client company without candidate’s permission?

A. We will never submit your resume, curriculum vitae, or any other personal information to our clients or third parties without your permission in advance.