The 6 best ways to prepare for a final job interview

Best ways to prepare for a final Interview
There are 1000s of articles on the internet about job interview preparation. Most of them focus on the initial interview and basic issues of punctuality, preparation and dress code.

But what about the final job interview? How should you prepare and behave differently at this crucial part of your job hunt?

You will most probably be meeting with a senior manager, possibly the Country Head or a Global Head of your division overseas. Their focus and concerns will be different.

Our team has coached 100s of professionals through their final job interview to get a successful job offer. With over 15 years recruitment experience in Thailand, en world shares our know how on what to expect and how to prepare for a final job interview.

1. Be confident

You are in the room because you have a champion in the organisation. Someone believes in you so much that they have put their professional reputation on the line to get you in front of these senior people.

Be confident that you have the skills and cultural fit to be successful.

2. Shift from micro to macro

At the final interview, you need to focus on your macro strategy and the big picture elements of your role.

Put yourself in the shoes of the CEO and think about what is keeping them awake at night. Be ready to explain how you will be able to help overcome the current challenges of the organisation.

3. Check for consistent messages

By the final job interview you will usually have met with at least 3 of your potential colleagues. Are you getting a clear and consistent message about the following?

  • Expectation of the role
  • Structure and dynamics of the team
  • Challenges of the business
  • Communication style of the organisation across functions and regions

Review your notes from previous job interviews to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

4. Collect all the information you need to make a decision

What more information do you need to know to be sure that you can accept an offer?

Compensation and benefits discussions driven by the candidate are often appropriate in this forum either but you should be able to answer the question clearly if asked. It is acceptable to say, “I’d prefer to let my recruiter and HR discuss this.”

Senior management can offer you the best insights on

  • vision and strategy
  • perceptions of the department you work in
  • overall career plans in the firm

Feel confident to drill down into details to make sure that you have a full understanding of the future of the company.

5. Ask questions that assume the job is yours

Demonstrate your passion, interest in and ability to do the job with questions like:

  1. What do you expect me to deliver in the first 3 months, in the first 12 months?
  2. What will be the biggest challenge to me (and my team) to deliver those things?
  3. Are there any reservations that you have about my ability to deliver?

6. Know your competition and the next steps

Close the interview on a positive note with a clear idea of where you stand. Confirm what the next steps are and when your recruiter can expect to receive feedback.


The final job interview is your last chance to answer the question, “Do I really want to work here in this role?”

Make sure you can leave the interview feeling confident in your answer.

Hope, these 6 best ways to prepare for a final job interview will help you to crack the final interview process. Good luck!


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