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Helpful advice about career planning, job applications, C.V. writing and interview tips.

How to screen your recruitment consultant

With a wide variety of headhunters, staffing agencies, global and local recruitment consultancies operating in Thailand, it can be confusing for a job seeker to choose the best partner for both their short-term job change and long-term career development.  Kittisak Saithong, Team Manager, Finance & Accounting, en world Thailand, shares three questions to help you screen the consultant.

How to avoid “counteroffer shame”– a proactive approach to your career planning

Counteroffers are a common occurrence in the job market for mid career professionals in Thailand. Adbardin Chonwattana, Chonburi Branch Manager, en world Thailand shares a story of a counteroffer gone wrong… and how it could have been avoided. Read more.

The 6 best ways to prepare for your final job interview

There are 1000s of articles on the internet about interview preparation. Most of them focus on the initial interview and basic issues of punctuality, preparation and dress code. But what about the final interview? How should you prepare and behave differently at this crucial part of your job hunt?  Our expert consultants have coached 100s of professionals through their final job interview to get a successful job offer. They share their know how on what to expect and how to prepare for a final job interview. Read more