Retained Search

Our Retained Search service is effective for companies that have special recruitment needs, such as when:

  • There is an urgent need to fill the position,
  • The position requires an extremely high level of expertise,
  • The search relates to a core executive position, such as the lead for the start-up of a new business or a position for which recruitment efforts need to be kept confidential internally and externally, or
  • The required expertise is unusual or related to an area where candidates are believed to be in very short supply.

Since this type of search requires prompt response and provision of sophisticated services, we assign a dedicated en world consultant to each search project. The assigned consultant provides regular status reports to the hiring manager, as well as to the consultant’s supervisor within en world, to ensure the prompt and sound execution of the project.

Our Retained Search process

1.Consultation with the client company

Our consultant will either visit the client company for a detailed discussion on the search criteria and current efforts to fill the role. The consultant will then prepare an outline of the candidate screening method suitable for the particular case, fee structure and advance performance targets. Terms and Conditions will be confirmed at this point.

2. Screening and preparation of a candidate list

Since most projects will be highly urgent or unique in nature, the following specialized methods may be used to source and screen candidates in addition to the general screening method employed in contingency searches

  • “Talent Market Mapping” through our own networks or third-party organs to identify key players in the talent pool.
  • Fee-based advertisements in publications, web sites and other targeted industry publications. We will draw on our knowledge of regional markets and cultures to identify the best channels for advertising the role.

3. Candidate interview by consultant

The consultant will contact and interview the identified candidates in a careful and professional manner. Candidates fulfilling the requirements specified by the client company will be narrowed down to a short list. Candidates will be recommended to the company after verifying the accuracy of the information in their resumes and work histories as much as possible.

4. Arrangement of candidate interviews by client company

After recommending candidates to the client company, the consultant will serve as a direct liaison in arranging for interviews by the company of the candidates who passed initial screening.

5. Feedback on interviews, signing of contract and negotiation of terms and conditions

Throughout the interview process, the consultant will provide feedback to both the client company and the candidates.