Outplacement Services

en world Thailand believes it is essential to partner with our clients during the strategy development, planning and implementation of any restructuring project. Our involvement is designed to ensure that all aspects of the restructuring, especially the retrenchment processes comply with legislative requirements but more importantly are seen by those retrenched and those remaining as a conscious effort to maintain the dignity and self esteem of those departing.

In addition, en world Thailand has developed a range of individual Career Transition Management & Group Outplacement Programs which enable organisations to select the appropriate process for individuals who face career change or restructure.

Whilst the facilities and program resources vary according to the level of the program, all en world Thailand programs include the following process:

  • Planning the effective departure of employees with the organisation
  • Assistance “on site” on the day of departure (if required)
  • Helping individuals to adjust to the effects of transition
  • An assisted self-assessment process. On some programs the use of psychological appraisal will help determine the next career move
  • Strategic advice that assists the development of career alternatives
  • Developing a job search strategy.

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