Survey – Thai managers’ MNC employer brand perceptions

How does HQ location influence employer brand in the Thai recruitment market?


en world Thailand’s recruitment consultants often hear comments like “I don’t want to work for a Japanese company. I heard their salaries are low” or “I want to work for an American company because there is a good chance to get promoted.”

We wanted to find out more about general perceptions of MNCs’ employer brands so we can support our clients in understanding what is important to manager level candidates in the Thai job market. This report shares the results from our online email and social media surveys.

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What is important to Thai managers in their new job?

en world Thailand’s survey of Thai managers showed that the 3 most important factors in choice of employer were “Career Prospects and Promotion”, “Salary Compared to Market” and “Financial Stability”.

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Based on this, we asked bilingual managers across all industries and functions to share their perceptions of MNC companies as potential employers. The results show which type of company has an edge on their employer brand and which may need to work on overcoming market perception.

American companies come out on top

Thai managers think the best place to work is an American company. US companies scored the highest in perceptions on “Career and Promotion Prospects”, “Salary Compared to Market” and second highest in “Financial Stability”. 29% of respondents said their best working experience was with a US firm whilst 16% said it was their worst, the second highest result from the survey.
However, almost a quarter of those surveyed said they want to work for a US employer in their next roll. US companies should leverage their strong employer brand in the key areas but also try to develop some of the other areas like “Commitment to Diversity” and “Trust between Employees and Senior Management”.

American companies the be

Thai companies struggle with a poor employer brand

The worst place to work is seen to be a Thai company with Thai companies being perceived as the worst in the market for “Career and Promotion Prospects”, “Salary Compared to Market” and “Financial Stability”. 40% of respondents also said that their worst working experience was with a Thai firm. Whilst many of those surveyed (38%) are currently working in a Thai company, only 5% aspire to work in a Thai firm for their next employer.
Thai companies the worst in Thailand

Where do Thai managers want to work next?

Almost half of the respondents said that HQ was not a deciding factor in their career choice but the majority of those surveyed did have a preference. Around a quarter of Thai managers want to work for an American company with European firms the second most popular type of employer. Australasian, Chinese, and Indian firms are not on the radar as a prospective employer for Thai managers surveyed.

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What does this mean for hiring managers?

We recommend hiring managers and HR professionals to have a frank discussion with your en world recruitment consultant. Be open to our feedback about the anecdotal information on how your company is perceived on the market. We meet hundreds of candidates and are able to give your clear feedback on how your brand name is perceived when mentioned to a potential candidate.

When working on open positions, communicate your USPs clearly to the recruiter so that we can best represent your employer brand and help you to overcome market perceptions on an individual candidate level.

What does this mean for jobseekers?

Before you begin your job search, you need to list up what the most important factors for you in joining a company are. Communicate them clearly to your consultant so we can filter our job recommendations accordingly.

We are all influenced by perceptions gathered from our network based on their experiences. These experiences are influenced by their personal situation, job function and values which may or may not apply directly to you.

Your recruitment consultant will be able to offer another viewpoint on the company and the current situation of the business. With a wide variety of information at your fingertips you are well armed to decide the best course of action.

At en world, we are focused on your long term success at the client so we will not recommend a role at an organisation that we don’t think fits with your values. With your clarity in communicating those values we can make the best match for you.

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Hope, this survey of Thai managers’ MNC employer brand perceptions will help you.