Top 4 hiring challenges for employers in the Eastern Seaboard

Are you struggling to attract and retain talent for your Eastern Seaboard operations? We interviewed our expert consultants at en world Thailand, Chonburi Office and discovered the top issues that hiring managers face in the region were:

  1. Location
  2. Salary Expectations
  3. Counteroffers
  4. Employer Branding

Find out more about how you can increase your chance of hiring top managerial talent in the region.

Challenge 1: Location

With over half of the professionals coming from other parts of Thailand, relocation issues are a constant pain for hiring managers in the region. Companies also need to take into account the commuting situation. Sitting in traffic for 3 to 4 hours a day is a quick route to employee burnout.

Be flexible and innovative

In order to attract a great Business Development manager for their office, our client made a flexible working solution to support the candidate’s work life balance. The company offered 3 days in Bangkok, 2 days in Chonburi at the manufacturing plant with all transport and accommodation covered. The candidate has the flexibility that they need to get their job done and be close to their family.

Consider optimum commute times in your pre-selection process

Whilst many candidates say that they are comfortable with a 60-70km commute, our experience shows that for many candidates a 30-40km commute is optimum over the longer term. Hiring managers should consider that when sourcing talent if they want to retain a motivated employee. Supporting transportation and remote working a few days a week are methods clients have used to keep those with longer commutes from burning out.

Challenge 2 – Salary Expectations

Candidates in Chonburi are generally expecting to receive a 20-30% increase in their base salary plus a generous benefits and allowance package. For comparison, Bangkok expectations are around 10-20% so many companies are surprised when they first invest in the region.

Understand the market

Our experience shows that salary raises in the 15-20% increase range are most likely to be accepted. Your recruiter will be working with the candidate to manage expectations. Hiring managers also need to prevent the hard work of sourcing and interviewing from being wasted by really listening to the candidate’s expectations and the recruiter’s advice on current market value. For current trends in salaries in Thailand see our Salary Guide.


Challenge 3 – Counteroffers

We see a number of candidates who are looking to move around the 2-4 year mark who accept counteroffers.

Make an offer that is hard to match

Many counteroffers can be avoided by being aware of the candidate expectations. Companies who offer 10% salary increase can easily be matched by the existing employer so we recommend offering at least 15% increase

Minimise the perceived risk

A change in company is a big risk for any job seeker, more so for those with a stable employment history. It is important that you make the candidate feel that they are taking an educated risk. Make time to speak to them about your plans for their career. Keep the door open to meet a variety of people in the organisation. They will be leaving behind a long relationships history and need to feel confident that they are making the right choice.

Crystal clear on boarding

Explain your on boarding process for the first 90 days. If you don’t have a formal plan – make one! Stable candidates need to feel that they are going to be supported and may suffer from culture shock when they join a new organisation. Show how you will set them up for success.


Challenge 4: Employer Branding

Candidates from the top 5 universities are always going to be in high demand with large MNCs with powerful brands. But what if you are a midsized player without the same recognition on the market?

Brand Story Telling

Have all your interviewers tell a compelling story about the opportunities that you can offer. Be sure to offer concrete examples to make the stories come alive. Candidates are drawn to smaller organisations for the following reasons:

  1. Pioneer story – be there from the start, set up the systems and create things from scratch. Appeals to those with entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Big fish in a small pond – a chance for advancement, access to senior management, hands on, ability for their achievements to be recognised and make a difference. Appeals to the ambitious.
  3. International exposure – opportunities for overseas travel and training as well as career development. Chances to work on regional projects. Appeals to those interested in opportunities outside Thailand.
  4. Friendly and supportive workplace – large corporations can be a hive of politics so your smaller team can offer a more supportive and enjoyable environment. Appeals to those who believe work should be fun

To find out more about how en world can support you in hiring top managerial talent for your organisation in the Eastern Seaboard, please contact Belinda Skinner by email or phone +66-2-106-8602