Access all areas: How giving recruitment consultants a backstage pass improves your hiring success

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You’ve been in the HR game long enough to know the drill. A sudden high-level resignation, a desperate line manager, the job description sent out to your regular recruitment agencies and you wait for their response.

But clients who only send out a brief job description set themselves up for failure, says Adbardin Chonwattana, Chonburi Branch Manager, en world Thailand.

Storytelling based on thorough research

“As a recruitment consultant for mid-career professional, I see my main role as a storyteller. I explain to jobseekers why they need to take a long term view of career success and professional development rather than chasing short term cash. Without thorough research though, I can’t create a compelling story that will motivate job seekers to apply to your company.”

To enable this level of research, Adbardin recommends that you give your preferred recruitment consultant a “backstage pass” to your organisation with access to the following three things:

1. People

To understand your culture, we need to meet the stakeholders – Hiring managers, team members, senior leaders and HR. The more that we know about the type of people who are successful in the organisation the better we are able to deliver a cultural match.

2. Information

Knowing why the role is open gives vital background information to the story
Replacement? What was good or bad about the previous incumbent? How did you try to get them stay or manage their performance? How is success defined?
Expansion? Has the new role been clearly defined? One of the biggest reasons that candidates resign in the first few months is due to a mismatch in expectations.

3. Work environment

An office, plant tour or just walking through the workplace enables us to paint a clear picture of what life will be like for the candidate.

The candidate as the hero!

As recruitment consultants we add the most value not through mass resume introduction but through delivering quality matches with candidates who are positively inclined about your opportunity. When you give us access to people, information and the work environment, we can create the following:

  • an appealing plot line (career progression, growth, and development)
  • an attractive set (the workplace)
  • interesting supporting characters (colleagues)
  • the candidate as the hero who will save the day for your company!

Adbardin Chonwattana en world Chonburi“Candidates in Rayong and Chonburi especially are heavily influenced by inflated compensation packages. We are seeing a number of candidates price themselves out of the market. It is making it harder for companies to attract talent.”
Adbardin adds, “By working in partnership with our clients we can motivate jobseekers with more than just money. This helps us to connect great people to great companies for long term mutual success.”

If you are currently hiring in Thailand and would like some advice on how to attract the best mid-career talent, please contact Adbardin Chonwattana for roles in Chonburi and Rayong (eastern Seaboard) or Belinda Skinner for roles in Bangkok.

Adbardin Chonwattana, Chonburi Branch Manager, en world Thailand spoke with Jennifer Shinkai, APAC Marketing Communications Manager.