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How to get the most out of peer-to-peer interviews

MNCs in Thailand are increasingly using peer-to-peer interviews as a key part of their hiring process. And with good reason – having potential team members involved in the process promotes cultural fit, supports technical interviewing and increases team buy-in to support a new hire. Based on candidate feedback, Phinnipha Suriyong, Team Manager, Industrial and Engineering, en world Thailand, explains how to get the most out of your peer-to peer interviews.

How giving a backstage pass increases your recruitment success

You’ve been in the HR game long enough to know the drill. A sudden high-level resignation, a desperate line manager, the job description sent out to your regular recruitment agencies and you wait for their response. But clients who only send out a brief job description set themselves up for failure, says Adbardin Chonwattana, Chonburi Branch Manager, en world Thailand.

Top 4 hiring challenges for employers in the Eastern Seaboard

Are you struggling to attract and retain talent for your Eastern Seaboard operations? We interviewed our expert consultants at en world Thailand, Chonburi Office and discovered the top issues that hiring managers face in the region were location, salary expectations, counteroffers and employer branding.
Find out more about how you can increase your chance of hiring top managerial talent in Chonburi and Rayong.

Survey results – Thai managers’ MNC employer brand perceptions

How does HQ location influence employer brand in the Thai recruitment market?
en world Thailand’s recruitment consultants often hear comments like “I don’t want to work for a Japanese company. I heard their salaries are low” or “I want to work for an American company because there is a good chance to get promoted.” We wanted to find out more about general perceptions of MNCs’ employer brands so our clients understand what is important to manager level candidates in the Thai job market.View the full report

7 ways to improve your candidate experience

Do you think the candidate feels positively or negatively about your company based on how you treated them? When was the last time you looked at your recruitment process through the eyes of the candidate? The candidate experience is a vital part of your brand experience. Learn 7 easy ways to improve your candidate experience today