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Bringing the best people together

If you want to develop yourself as a successful Consultant bring us your dedication and commitment and we will give you the tools to become a first class business professional.

Inside en world

Step into our offices and you’ll see it is alive and buzzing. Every day it’s a hive of activity where we share a strong sense of fun and camaraderie. We have a young, active and diverse group of people united from all over the globe who together feed off each other’s energy and make it their aim to excel as both an individual and as a team.

Your Professional Development

The essence of our company is best expressed in our dedication to customer satisfaction. To deliver this, en world provides the best staff training available in our industry.

In addition, en world provides a number of staff incentive and professional development programs open to all of our team members.

Team-Building Challenges

In 2007 we took 25 of our top performers on the Great Wall of China for a chance to bond and test their limits in a totally unfamiliar setting. Over a week the group traversed down the Great Wall and trekked the wild terrain and undulating slopes of China.

In 2008 our cycling team rode 800kms in 5 days through the mountains of Hokkaido.

In 2011 we celebrated our success and recognized top performers with a Black Tie Gala dinner at the Hilton Tokyo Ballroom.

Internal Activities

At a more sedate pace, internal networking plays an important part and it’s usual for our high performing teams to go out together for a celebratory dinner or drinks at the end of the quarter. The inclusion of families and partners at Christmas parties, special functions and fundraising events is also part of our culture.

Message from a Consultant

“en world focuses not only on the growth of the company but also on the growth of the teams and individual staff. Challenging and growth oriented environment is what en world is all about.”

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