Corporate Social Responsibility

The greatest gift is time!csr

There’s nothing like a big genuine smile from a child or a hug that says “thank you” to make you feel you did something worthwhile.


In Thailand there are so many opportunities to make a difference, choosing which is the hardest!

At the end of each quarter, en world Thailand (Formerly TopTalentAsia) specialist recruitment company, have a reward activity for their staff to reward them for the hard work put in during the past quarter. This quarter the staff decided rather than the company spend the money on a dinner or activity for everyone, then let’s spend the money on giving someone less fortunate a special day. So we added a bit extra to the budget and put our thinking caps on!

So earlier this month, en world Thailand decided to take a group of mentally disabled girls from the Home for Mentally Handicapped Children (Baan Rajawadee) for a fun day out to Siam Park City – a fun park full of amusement rides and water park. Somewhere these girls had not been before.

We took a group large enough where we could have a one staff / one child buddy system and this worked a treat! We were all buddied up and the pairs worked very well, the poor girl who got the ‘big scary farang’ was quite concerned to start with, but within 15 minutes soon would not let go of my hand and spent the day ‘foreigner spotting’ and yelling out “farang, farang, farang!” She was hyper-active and had me literally running all over the park trying every ride!

The girls were overwhelmed by the day and our staff were thoroughly rewarded. To see the delight on the faces of these girls was highly rewarding.

To top it off, the staff all put in a donation personally and we bought a large bundle of much needed stationery supplies for the home – so we could give something to those girls not fortunate to come out for the day.

It was a long day and as we put them back on their bus, waved goodbye – there were many hugs and one plea from a little girl who asked her buddy to take her home to be part of her family – a heart breaking moment.

Our staff returned to our vans totally exhausted but with much chatter and excitement about the antics of the girls. Although the exhaustion was showing, it was thoroughly rewarding experience that I don’t think we will forget for a long time.

We firmly believe – the greatest gift you can give – is the gift of time!


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