Why choose en world?

why choose en world Australia?

en world is results-focused

Employers as well as candidates choose en world because we deliver solid results that meet their needs. en world has achieved 98% successful talent placements with a high candidate satisfaction rating. In addition, en world provides recruiting services for 92 out of the world’s 100 most valuable brands on the “Best Global Brands 2014” brand value ranking list released by Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy. Results like these are proof of the high level of trust that en world has earned from both employers and candidates.

Best consultants

en world consultation begins with a good understanding of each candidate

en world always starts with a face-to-face meeting with each candidate where we assess not only their skills and background, but also their personalities and career goals. Our consultants work with them step by step through the process of introduction, interviewing and hiring and even stay in contact with them after placement to ease their transition into the new workplace. Consulting at this level requires professional consultants with specialized knowledge. In order to provide professional service, we select all of our en world consultants using a method for hiring top talent called Topgrading*.

* Topgrading is a comprehensive method for hiring and retaining high performers, and is now in use at well-known global corporations. Developed by Dr. Brad Smart, founder and CEO of Topgrading, Inc., “Topgrading” lays out a process for selecting the top candidates (referred to as the ‘A’ players) and avoiding mis-hires.

Best service

en world brings the best people together across borders

en world is a group of recruiting consultancies specialising in professional and managerial roles. Operating from 7 countries, we support global companies’ recruitment needs through our Asia Pacific network. For people who have the ability to contribute globally, their home country does not always offer the best employment opportunities. Our network of offices in the region is fully integrated, working as one team to deliver results to candidates.