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17 Tips to Impress Your Interviewer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yusuke Nishino, Team Manager at en world Singapore shares 17 Tips for candidates that they must know before entering the interview room to maximize their probability of being selected!. Read more


Top 10 leadership qualities in Supply Chain

A few of these Top Ten attributes can obviously be applied to leaders in any area of an organisation, but they are especially critical in the Supply Chain function. Read more


Career Paths in Supply Chain Sector

What they do not realise is that behind the scenes, Supply Chain Managers/Executives put in great effort on a day to day basis, for assembling different lines of products starting through procurement and manufacturing to retailing. Read more


How to get Ahead as a Middle Manager

Some tips to help middle managers stand out from the crowd and get ahead in their careers. Read more


Boost your career with a great resume

Is that dream job that you always wanted up for grabs? Make sure that you do all you can to chase and get it. Today before you can get a job, you need to have a resume. Your resume must be clearly defined, easy to read, and always tell the truth about you. Some companies have their own forms for you to fill out, but more often than not you will need to design your own resume. Read more


Resume Writing Tips

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. As your official introduction, your CV format should look its professional best. The CV tips below demonstrate how to make a CV visually appealing and effective. Read more


Job Interview Questions and Answers

Facing an interview requires you to answer questions in a positive and sustaining manner. Some of the questions that you are asked would be routine ones dealing with your education, past work experience, strengths and weaknesses and family background. Read more


Frequently asked interview questions

Be prepared to answer frequently asked questions, such as questions concerning your career path and aspirations. Read more


The A-B-C-D of Managing Stress at Work

Many factors contribute to make a typical work day fairly stressful. To a certain extent, stress tends to boost the human productivity, but after it passes a certain point it can become debilitating. Read more


Things that Make You Unproductive at Work

Time is a finite resource. There are only 24 hours in a day and only a small part of that is actually available to you for work. This means you need to ensure that you use what time is available to you, well. Read more


Dealing with Change in the Workplace

Change is an inevitable part of life, be it in your personal life or in the workplace, nothing stays the same. In fact with the advent of new technology at such a fast pace in the last couple of decades, the changes in the workplace have been many and multifold. Read more


Common Job Hopping Reasons

About a decade ago if a person had shifted jobs more than twice in the last five years, he would be considered an unreliable person. Today, this is just not true. The industrial trends show that people stay in jobs for much shorter times these days than they did back in the last century. So what are the common reasons for job hopping? Read more