Compensation not the Primary Reason for Executives to Change Jobs, an International Recruiting Agency’s Survey Reveals

December 11, 2013

Singapore, December 11, 2013 – en world Singapore, an international recruitment firm, headquartered in Tokyo, conducted an exclusive survey during Monster Virtual Career Fair 2013 where executives from diverse industry sectors indicated that career progression and advancement took priority in their job searches, with Compensation and benefits scoring second.

en world’s survey focused mainly on senior-level and managerial career objectives. The survey was conducted during Monster’s Virtual Career Fair 2013 that revealed compensation came second to career progression as the main reason for job changes amongst most executives.

According to Mr. Brian Richards, President, en world Singapore, “We targeted identifying top motivating factors that drive executives to change jobs and a good 66% indicated better career progression opportunities in their new job as a main priority, while 22% of the executives surveyed listed compensation as their main driving factor and the remaining 12% were neutral.

Aside from one’s personal capabilities and efforts, career development and progression opportunities very often are dependent on a company’s culture and background. Such organizations tend to focus on employee progression in terms of training, education, effective promotion models and internal mobility.

Candidates now look forward to joining such organizations that emphasize professional values for talented personnel through suitable career development programs.

Mr. Richards also added, “Employers must attract and retain talent by providing right attributes to enhance career progression.” The survey’s result highlights that lack of career progression opportunities are a major consideration factor for quitting jobs.

Motivational levels typically drop drastically once executives are no longer able to see where they are going in their careers and these professionals end up thinking they have to look elsewhere to fulfil their career aspirations.

To conclude, it is refreshing to hear that more executives are prioritizing better and longer term career options over immediate salary gains and while compensation continues to be a major consideration factor, it appears to be no longer the main driving factor.

The Monster Virtual Career Fair 2013 was conducted during October 21 to October 25, 2013 and it had drawn more than 25,000 visitors.

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