Would you like to find great talent in just four weeks?

Think about the last time you hired for your team. How long did it take you to fill the role? Less than a month, 2 months, 6 months, over a year?
Would you like to reduce the length of your time to hire without compromising on quality?

Here are “4 Ps of Recruitment” to help you to close an urgent job quickly without compromising on quality.

The 4Ps of Recruitment - how to fill jobs quickly without compromising on qualitySheryl Elnar, Director of Technology Recruitment, en world Singapore, shares the “4 Ps of Recruitment” that separate the clients who can hire the right talent quickly with the ones who keep missing the boat on top talent.

“Commitment and clarity from the start of the search is what separates the jobs that close within a month with the jobs that stay open for 6 months. Your employer brand is damaged when A-player candidates see the same role advertised again and again. It makes jobseekers question your ability to make decisions.”

Project Manage


Clients who approach the hiring process as a project with a clearly defined scope, budget and timeline have the most success in hiring key talent quickly.

  • Scope

    All stakeholders (HR, TA, Hiring Manager, Senior Management) need to be in agreement over the mission of the job, skill set and cultural fit for the role.

  • Budget

    Your recruitment consultant can give free advice on what is available on the market for different budget levels. “When clients are not sure about the market rates for a role, we provide a real time report with sanitized resumes of candidates on the market. Clients can see whether they are pitching high or low in terms of market rates. We can support hiring managers in understanding the types of salary increases candidates with a certain skill set are receiving,” explains Sheryl.

  • Timelines

    If you want to close the role within 4 weeks, you need to have all decision makers’ schedules available upfront. You need to be realistic about whether prior commitments and your internal hiring processes will allow you to meet the required volume and quality of candidates within the time frame you want.



“Clients in Singapore always say ‘I need this person yesterday’”, said Sheryl. “However, when it comes down to it there are very different levels of commitment. When it takes a week to get feedback on a resume, candidates question whether you are really serious about hiring them. In a candidate short market, the candidate experience is vital.” Here are ways that the most successful hiring managers prioritise their search.

  • Set time every single day to take action on hiring.

    Whether that is reviewing resumes, providing detailed feedback after interviews, or catching up with the stakeholders, hiring managers who work on the role everyday are the ones who get the results.

  • Take ownership

    Even hiring managers with amazing Talent Acquisition teams need to take ownership of the hiring process. “This person will be a vital member of your team and your career success is based on your team’s ability to deliver. Create a strong partnership with your TAs but never forget that the onus lies with you to hire the right person,” advises Sheryl.

  • Synchronise schedules

    If business trips or project deadlines are likely to impact your process, be open with your recruitment consultant and the candidates in process about it. “It really helps candidates to understand that the 2 week gap before meeting the Country Manager is logistics rather than reflecting your interest in them. You want great talent to wait for you rather than accepting an offer elsewhere,” says Sheryl.

Prepare for Interviews

Panel Interview

“Candidates come back from interviews saying that they were kept waiting for 20 minutes without an apology, the interviewer had no idea who they were and that they saw 3 people and answered the same questions every time,” explains Sheryl. “When clients are prepared, each interview has a laser sharp focus. Each interview drills down on a different aspect of the candidate’s overall fit and helps to make the right decision.”
Simple preparation like making sure each interviewer has read the resume, job description and has a prepared list of questions make the interview process much more effective. “Having a casual chat and turning up late do a disservice to your employer brand and are disrespectful of the commitment of your potential employee,” adds Sheryl.

Provide Feedback

“It is not enough for a TA to return a resume with just a ‘no’,” says Sheryl. “Especially in the early stages of the search, giving detailed feedback will save you a lot of time later on. Your recruitment consultant can filter out resumes more effectively for you. It is essential to have open channels of communication between hiring manager and the consultant. By meeting the direct line manager, we can get to know their personality and management style, as well as a feel fro the team dynamics. It really helps us to asses at an early stage if a candidate would be cultural as well as technical fit.”

Timely feedback after interviews is also important. “Most clients have a good idea straight after the interview whether they are interested in proceeding with the candidate. This is a great time to write up some notes and send to your recruiter and your TA.” Sheryl adds, “Again it is all about candidate experience and the longer the wait for feedback after the interview, the more negatively the candidate feels about your organisation.” Clients who can give feedback with 1 business day of the interview are able to close jobs much more quickly.

Next time you have an urgent search come up, try applying the 4 Ps of Recruitment – Project Manage, Prioritise, Prepare for Interviews, Provide Feedback.

We know it will make a difference to your ability to hire the right talent for your team quickly.

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