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How to set up a three-step interview process to hire better people, faster

Working as an internal recruiter for a fast growing tech start up in Singapore has taught Lim Hsien Yao, Associate Director, B2B Commerce, en world Singapore, a thing or two about how to interview and hire great people at scale. Yao shares his top tips for a simple three-step interview process to hire better people, faster. Read more

Under the hood – what is your recruiter actually doing for you?

In an increasingly connected world, many clients ask us “does the recruitment industry still have relevance?”

Gildo Aleshinsky, Director, Life Sciences, en world Singapore highlights some of the hidden values that recruiters bring to improve the candidate experience that helps clients to hire the best talent on the market.  When you look at your recruitment agency through the lens of process improvement rather than volume introductions, you get a greater understanding of what you recruiter is actually doing for you! Read more

Simple ways to attract good candidates in Singapore

When Shunichi Hamada transferred to en world Singapore in 2015 after years of experience in executive search for global MNCs in Japan, he was ready to change his approach to recruitment completely to match the market needs in Singapore.

However, he found many similarities in the nature of recruitment in the Singapore market. Here he shares his thoughts on simple ways to attract good talent in Singapore.
Read more.

“4 Ps of Recruitment” to help you to close an urgent job quickly without compromising on quality

Think about the last time you hired for your team. How long did it take you to fill the role? Less than a month, 2 months, 6 months, over a year?
Would you like to reduce the length of your time to hire without compromising on quality?

Sheryl Elnar, Director of Technology Recruitment, en world Singapore, shares the “4 Ps of Recruitment” that separate the clients who can hire the right talent quickly with the ones who keep missing the boat on top talent. Read more.