Understanding the 5 Hottest Jobs in Supply Chain Management

February 5, 2014

Are you looking for the top jobs in supply chain?

Understanding the 5 Hottest Jobs in Supply Chain Management

Singapore has been, for many years, considered to be one of Asia’s leading economies. Combined with its excellent geographic location, excellent business infrastructure and world class container port – it is a natural choice for some of the world’s largest companies to locate their Asian HQ’s in Singapore.

Not surprisingly, in a recent ranking exercise by World Bank, Singapore was named as the world’s top logistics hub – with 20 of the Top 25 3PLs (3rd Party Logistics) based here.

The Five Hottest Jobs in Demand

Supply Chain Management (SCM) offers a diverse and rewarding career. Broadly speaking, the sector encompasses planning, procurement, manufacturing, storage and distribution. You will find SCM professionals in organisations of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to SME’s and across all sectors (i.e. Private / Public).

The following roles have been and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Supply Chain Manager: Generalist / Strategic SCM role that typically has a clear focus on Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Logistics and/or distribution. It encompasses the supervision of products and services to be distributed to clients. This job encompasses a strategic overview of the whole process from procurement, manufacturing, storage of the product, the logistics and subsequent delivery.

Demand/Supply Planner: This role is responsible for forecasting activities related to products and parts from clients and/or consumer alike. The Demand/Supply planner creates and upkeeps forecast models for the clients, integrating business intelligence, forecast information collected from finance, sales, marketing, analysts, retailer replenishment, and other resources. This role is an integral meeting point between the sales and manufacturing divisions of a company. As such, basic forecast modeling is a key accountability in this role.

Supply Chain Analyst: Supply chain analysts utilise quantitative and analytical ways to predict, understand and improve supply chain procedures. He or she is also accountable for gathering information, recognising issues, analysing performance as well as making the suggestions that assist operations and planning.

Warehouse/ RDC Managers: RDC and Warehouse managers are an essential part of the supply chain ecosystem. They supervise the effective receipt, storage, and dispatch of extensive range of products such as clothing, food, healthcare products, household items and manufacturing parts. They are also responsible for liaising with suppliers to keep inventory levels efficient, in addition to liaising with clients and 3PL’s to ensure delivery is timely and accurate.

Direct/Indirect Procurement: The procurement of goods and/or services which either are used directly in the manufacturing of a product OR which assist indirectly in the manufacturing of a product.

Skills in Demand

What’s required of today’s successful supply chain management professional? Here are some skills and attributes that organisational leaders are looking for in their supply chain professionals.

  • Strong Change Management skill sets
  • Clear Communication & Presentation ability
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Process Management & Improvement
  • Strong Relationship & Vendor Management experience
  • Operational & Strategic Leadership experience
  • Operational & Strategic Planning experience

Contributed by Mr Mervin Chui, Supply Chain Management Consultant, en world

About the Author: Mr Chui is the Executive Search Consultant responsible for managing the Supply Chain Management desk at en world Singapore. Mervin has more than a decade’s worth of executive search and recruitment experience within various industries and he specialises in mid to senior level positions.

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