As the preferred recruitment partner of some leading global brands, we at Navigos Search have seen and embraced major revolutions in recruitment in recent years. The processes in the field have got more and more sophisticated and are all about leveraging technology, relationship building and managing information. Now more than ever, it takes talented recruiters to find talented employees. For those who want to build a dream team of in-house recruiters, these tips will help you hire the most viable individuals.

Taking Notice Of Performance Metrics

Performance metrics set for recruiters vary from the number of hires made, the time to hire, ROI, the turnover rate of the position. Be sure that you hire the recruiters that comprehend your recruiting quantitative goals and can perform to meet them.

You should find out the metrics set for your recruiting candidates in their previous jobs. If they did not meet those goals, don’t jump to the conclusion that they are bad performers. There are various good reasons for their failing to realize their goals including unrealistic expectations – like having to hire for a wide range of key rare skilled positions with a tiny budget.

Focusing On Hiring Experience

The relevant hiring experience of your recruiters can optimize the overall recruiting processes. Mistakes involving irrelevant domain hiring experience may result in either wasting resources or generating massive other bad hires for your company. For examples, a recruiter having experience only with big corporations may not be the right talent scout for a small startup company; a technical recruiter may struggle to hire marketing experts, etc. What’s more, the candidate levels that your recruiter used to deal with is also vital. Do not hire recruiters dealing mostly with senior positions to fill junior vacancies in your company or vice versa because they probably do not have the experience/contacts you need.

Hiring A Recruiter: Top Attributes To Look Out For

The most viable candidates for recruiting role share several distinctive traits. Ideal recruiters have the ability to focus to keep themselves disciplined and efficient; self-reliant and highly confident to overcome stress; strong in negotiation skills to strike fine balance between the requirements of your company and the candidate’s desired salary within the allocated time frame; technically competent to adopt new technologies and ready to make use of the most limited resources to solve problems without or with little support.

Source: Navigos Search