Four ways to boost your employee morale post-Tet

Tet is a time for everyone to take a long rest after a year of hard work. However, your employees may not be ready to return to their normal routines at work after Tet. As a manager, what can you do to boost employee morale? A recruitment expert from Navigos Search has shared four most effective ways to invigorate employees’ enthusiasm after the long holiday.

Do not put constant strain on your employees

After Tet, your employees may struggle to get back into the swing of things, so their work may be slower than usual. However, putting extra strain on your employees is not a good idea. Instead, find ways to help your employees enjoy their work by setting small and exciting goals they can achieve without much effort.

Some of our clients advise their workers to think about the goals they want to strive for in the future. They even tell their employees to summarize their goals into concise slogans or mind-maps and pin them somewhere around their workspaces.

Hold Exciting Company Activities

Healthy activities such as jogging or morning exercise can help refresh your employees both physically and mentally. Bringing in an inspirational speaker is another great way to reinvigorate your staff and get them refocused on tour company’s goals. The influence and impact of an inspirational talk is positive and long lasting. Employees leave the presentation ready to take on any challenge in the New Year.

Start Slowly But Steadily

Most employees feel tired looking at a long list of key performance indicators for the year ahead. It is always best to set smaller, more interesting goals first in order to gradually bring them back on a professional track.

If your team is working on a major project, divide it into smaller stages within different time frames so that the team members do not feel exhausted. A bonus scheme could be implemented to effectively set them in gear.

Create An Interactive Workplace

Some sophisticated changes in the workplace can help change employees’ mindsets from the excitement of Tet to “working mode” more easily. The most crucial part is that you emphasize the interactive side of the activities to prevent employees from sitting in their own chairs all day after Tet, which inhibits an effective performance. Open communication will help establish active collaboration among staff and bring a positive atmosphere to the workplace. And you never know, boosting staff morale may help employees achieve your business goals and improve your year-end results.

Source: Navigos Search