Are your employees experiencing burnout?

Pushing your employees past the breaking point can cause many negative effects on both themselves and the company’s performance. Overworked staff tend to make more mistakes, be filled with rages at work for being laid too much expectation or coworkers who are not as laborious as they do.

Most overworked people suffer from work-life conflicts and unsuccessful relationship with their spouse, children and friends. In most cases, they care less about themselves, their health is badly affected by constant sleep disorders. In the workplace, they who feel overworked have poorer abilities to cope with surrounding events.

There are jobs with inherent stressful nature, but stress can happen to staff in even a low-stress career. Work-related stress can be rooted in various issues. Bad work relationships can be a major cause. Unsupportive colleagues and/or supervisors are potential cause of stress. In addition, isolated employees are more exposed to depression. Besides, losing work-life balance caused by over-demanding and inflexible work schedule can negatively affect employees’ personal lives, putting a strain on their relationships outside work. Your staff can also be depressed if they do not feel respected and are not adequately informed about the business situation. Also, lack of training and equipment or resources to do the job may create negative impact on the job. Other causes include low pay, dull and repetitive work or even fear of physical violence.

Employee burnout is a very real concern for today’s HR and company leaders. Some innovative practices to create a workplace with minimum stress should be applied. One of which is to create a flexible working environment, in which collaboration, strong support and feedback network are enabled. In addition, keep an eye on your employees’ working time, monitor the number of their working hours to ensure they do not work too much in a week. Finally, a true break should be encouraged through some fun and quick way to help your employees step out of their work.