3 Best Practices To Attract Millennials

Millennials (also known as Generation Y), born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, are emerging as a ubiquitous and powerful workforce armed with high-tech skills and innovative ideas. These labors, if managed properly, can bring enormous benefit to your organization through their tremendous potential. Navigos Search has come a long way in recruiting Millennials for various senior positions and come up with the below recruitment practices that every recruiter needs to adopt in order to onboard the right individuals.

Focusing On Purpose And People Development

Millennials want to work with an organization centering on how to develop its employees and how it contributes to the society. One of our clients was successful in pulling viable Millennials by telling them how the world becomes better with the company being in business, and that the employer was seeking partnership with their future employees. The term ‘partnership’ effectively attracts Millennials because they want to be viewed as business partners rather than normal 9-to-5 workers.

Aligning Career Development Strategy With Their Needs

Aligning your career development strategy with the needs of Millennials will effectively help in attracting and retaining them. Introducing Millennials to new opportunities and involving them in major projects are also crucial not only to boost their morale but also to address their notorious job-hopping tendencies. Besides, never apply the conventional one-way training program when it comes to developing Millennials; they should be allowed to participate in and build their own career paths.

Determining The Type Of Leaders They Are Seeking

According to a recent trusted survey, the ideal leader in Millennials’ eyes must be visionary rather than visible, personable rather than well-networked, inspirational and strategic thinkers rather than technically-skilled. Thus, besides focusing on adding perks at work, business owners should decide the suitable leadership style they need to adopt to build their dream Millennial teams and improve overall performance.

Source: Navigos Search