A lunar new year is approaching and it is time for all of us to reflect on 2014 and think of what to strive for in the year ahead. With this in mind, Navigos Search has compiled a list of considered themes of 2015 resolutions that can give any recruitment strategy a boost in the New Year.

Leverage Social Media For Recruiting

Besides traditional channels to advertising your vacancies such as career websites and internet job boards, try using social media (like LinkedIn or Facebook) as a tool for recruiting. According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, the top sources of quality hires have shifted in the past 4 years with 15% increase for internet job boards and 75% for social professional networks. As small business owners, you can easily leverage LinkedIn and Facebook to find talent. You can allocate your budget to pay for job postings or tap in to the free resources they offer.

Learn The Metrics Behind Your Goals

It’s crucial that you apply and understand the metrics used to measure the effectiveness of your recruiting processes. One of the most crucial metrics you should use is Time to Hire. The metric refers to the time it takes to hire a suitable person from the time you first publicize the vacancy to the new hire’s first day at work. Another metric that should be taken into consideration is Cost per Hire, which includes all costs involved in a hire such as recruiter fees (either internal or external); setting up and maintaining social media accounts; and any administrative costs involved.

Make 2015 The Year Of Employer Branding

In 2014, Employer Branding went mainstream and we will see a tipping point in employer branding in 2015 when the economic growth forecast suggests companies will begin hiring again. Many employers are trying to figure out how to integrate it into their talent strategy, and moved past the “why?” and on to the “how?”. You may want to do some research to find the answers to the question “Why would someone want to work for you?”. Besides, create a consistent and clear message that your viable job seekers will respond to and leverage cutting-edge technology and social recruiting platforms to optimize the whole process.

Source: Navigos Search