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3-Successful-Sales-Conversations3 Successful Sales Conversations

According to SiriusDecisions, a analyst firm, 71% of sales leaders identify conversations with customers is the key to achieve business goals and determines success or failure of each business deal. Read more

How-To-Impress-Your-Employers-In-The-First-7-SecondsHow To Impress Your Employers In The First 7 Seconds

You only have 7 seconds to create the first impression with the person you are talking to. In an interview, 7 seconds is not a long time, so how can you impress your employer in the most efficient way? Here are 7 ways you can do that. Read more

These-5-marketing-tips-will-help-promote-your-personal-image-and-boost-your-careerThese 5 marketing tips will help promote your personal image and boost your career

Co-workers who spend their time complaining about things are in every organization. The best way to handle these negative colleagues is to set a boundary. What they need is a new job, a new company, new career or a career coach, not you! Read more

How To Deal With Negative Colleagues?

Companies need to use marketing methods to promote their products and services, just as you need marketing skills to build a brand for yourself. Everyone has a personal brand and without an attractive image on the internet, you will miss many opportunities. Here are marketing tips that will help you demonstrate your ability and be more successful in your career. Read more

These Four Simple Tips Will Help You Ace Performance Reviews

It might be true at some companies that working hard and getting results would guarantee a good performance review and a decent salary increase. But that is not the case in many others. Read more

These 5 Steps Will Help You Change Jobs More Effectively

There will be times when you may feel bored with your job and crave for a change. If you are in that situation, and ready for new challenges, these 5 steps will help you make a great transition. Read more

What To Do When You Feel Bored With Your Work

The knowledge of your best career path will not magically drop into your mind, you must instead discover incrementally. Just like science experiments, not all of your perceptions about your career path are right. Read more

Mental Signs Of Burnout At Work

Just like other relationships, the one between you and your job has its ups and downs. In some cases, you both need to separate – meaning you find a new job. But in some others, there are solutions that help you stay in the same job with your passion rekindled. Read more

How To Properly Carry Out Self-Evaluations

Making self-evaluation allows you to look back on a working period to determine your best points and the areas on which you need to focus more. Here are some tips to help you make self-evaluation more properly. Read more

5 Skills All Great Sales Managers Have In Common

More often than not, it is better to have a star sales manager with 5 mediocre sales reps than a mediocre sales manager with 5 great sales reps. A business can reap huge benefits only when it has a great sales management team. Read more

5 Advice For Success From Elon Musk

Canadian-American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and investor Elon Musk (11.9 billion, Forbes 2015), the founder of SpaceX, PayPal and Tesla Motors, has answered users’ questions at AMA (Ask Me Anything) held by site about everyday life and habits that support his success. Read more

Tips To Double Your LinkedIn Recommendations

A weak recommendation will not probably cost you a chance to be considered for a position. However, when screening your LinkedIn profile, employers will notice the following 3 things in the Recommendations section… Read more

6 Tips To Succeed In Executive Job Interviews

An interview for an executive position has always been an intimidating experience for any candidate. The selection process for senior positions are intensive, and before the hiring decision is made, the board will weigh in and your CV can be scrutinized to the last detail. Read more

The Best Way To Accept Criticism At Work

Do you find it hard to accept criticism at workplace? No one wants to be inferior to an authority figure or even their friend. However, constructive criticism will not destroy your working or professional relationship at work, instead, it will help you improve yourself. Read more

3 Mindset Changes That Strongly Support Your Career Advancement

Every of our daily work revolves around fulfilling a certain purpose and we rarely seek information outside of it, which restricts our learning ability. Failure to understand the value of learning beyond immediate needs is the reason why many people focus on making money but do not acquire the necessary skills to really make it. Read more

Turn Strangers Into Brand Promoters With Inbound Marketing

Since 2006, inbound marketing has become an effective marketing method especially for online trading companies. Unlike outbound marketing methods such as purchasing ads or mailing lists, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content can make people turn to a company and its products. Read more

14 Common Mistakes Of Low Sales Producers

Salary is the first issue that comes to mind of many candidates when changing jobs. Whether you are a banker or sales rep, take note of the following tips so that to secure success when negotiating salary with the next employer. Read more

Salary Negotiation Tips For Job Seekers

Salary is the first issue that comes to mind of many candidates when changing jobs. Whether you are a banker or sales rep, take note of the following tips so that to secure success when negotiating salary with the next employer. Read more

3 Rules For Networking Success

Networking means expanding your relationship network. In business, networking is one of the fundamental skills that lead to success. According to the Wall Street Journal Magazine (2004), 94% of successful job seekers have said that networking is a key factor to help them get their dream jobs. Read more

7 Things Successful Experts Have In Common

Good news for you: With continual effort and a strategy in place, you can become a successful expert of your field. Almost all leading experts did NOT have a prominent starting point, but have reached the pinnacle of their career after hard working and consistent personal brand building. Read more

How To Succeed In Your First Days As A Leader

40% of middle and senior level managers fail within the first 18 months in their roles. Is the failure caused by their bosses or by themselves? The answer is everyone. By pay attention to the following tips, your first days as a leader will reap you success. Read more

15 Quotes To Inspire Marketing Greatness

As marketers, you take pride on coming up with fresh ideas. As you start your day, awaken your mind with positive thought and a healthy dose of inspiration from these great Marketing minds. Read more

5 Ways For Sales Managers To Stay Inspired

Maintaining confidence and composure in the sales arena is a big challenge. Being tasked with ensuring sales targets, promoting staff and ensuring customer satisfaction, even the best sales experts feel exhausted, frustrated and ready to leave the organization. Read more

Train Your Brain The Way Steve Jobs Did

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest technology symbols of the world for his legendary ability to create innovative and groundbreaking products. What’s less known is that Steve Jobs was a pioneer in a mind training technique – Zen mindfulness meditation, a method of meditation that reduces stress, helps awake and increase creativity. Read more

The A-B-C-D Of Managing Stress At Work

Many factors contribute to make a typical work day fairly stressful. To a certain extent, stress tends to boost the human productivity, but after it passes a certain point it can become debilitating. The person suffering from severe stress gets incapacitated and is unable to work well. Learn how to deal with stress before it makes you unable to function normally at work. Read more

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Job Offer

After a long while looking for a job, eventually you get a job offer from your dream company. You may feel happy and look forward to the first day at work, but at the same time cannot help asking yourself “Is this the right job for me?”. It is crucial to know the answer to this question as your new job may make or break the rest of your professional life. Read more

Create influence at your sales interview

Top sales reps in various industries demonstrate several common behaviors and speeches that can make the listeners say “Yes” to almost all of their requests. According to a recent survey by Selling Power – a magazine for sales leaders, the mentioned communication traits are reflected in 6 basic principles of influence. Follow them to your next job interview to secure your success. Read more

5 Tactics To Get Board Backing For Your Marketing Plans

As marketers, you may find launching a new marketing campaign a tough sell even before you take it to an external audience. Very often you struggle to secure buy-in and, more crucially, budget from your own board-level stakeholders. Persuading the board and those from financially minded disciplines to agree on marketing plan is tricky. Read more

Why You Should Sing Your Own Praises At Work

Many people cannot remember the last time they claim credit for their great job or innovative ideas. They feign humbleness, or otherwise shift the praises to anyone but themselves. However, being modest is not the best policy. Self-promotion has many benefits, including building your confidence and self-esteem, helping share what you’ve learned with others, and raising the bar for future endeavor. Read more

These 3 Simple Interview Questions May Catch You Off Guard

Very often job seekers take time to craft answers for tough interview questions like “What are your weaknesses?”, “How much salary do you think you deserve?”, “What do you not like about your previous job?”… Although it’s good practice to prepare for these question, it can be easy to overlook some tricky questions hiring managers ask. Read more

Checklist To Choose The Right Employer

With great professional skills, you probably get a lot of job offers. But be careful when making decisions, because if you choose the wrong job, you’ll waste a lot of precious time, or worse, feeling miserable. How do you pick the right employer? Below is a list of questions you should answer before deciding. Read more

Your Job Interview Didn’t Go Well? Send Thank-You Letter Anyway!

World’s leading experts confirmed, a thank-you letter after the interview helps determine success of the job search process. Even if you do not perform well in the interview, just send a letter to express your appreciation. Here are some suggestions to help you increase your chances of success! Read more

6 creative job search channels

6 creative job search channels. Read more

What are your ex-employers saying about you?

After sending out dozens of CVs and cover letters, and being interviewed so many times, you still do not get a job offer. It is time for you to find out what your former employers are saying about you on reference calls. Even if you are a stellar performer in the previous job, what your ex-employers say (or not say) will reduce the chance of you getting a new job. Read more

How to find out if you are underpaid

Proposing a raise to your boss means you understand your own value. The following suggestions will help you find out whether you are being mistreated in terms of compensation or not. Read more

The Battle of the Genders at the Workplace

In today’s corporate scenario, it is an increasingly difficult task for managers to choose between genders while recruiting people for their teams. We asked several managers for their opinions about this issue, and were surprised at how clearly demarcated the lines were. Read more

Are your employees experiencing burnout?

Pushing your employees past the breaking point can cause many negative effects on both themselves and the company’s performance. Overworked staff tend to make more mistakes, be filled with rages at work for being laid too much expectation or coworkers who are not as laborious as they do. Read more

Make Your Employer Brand Stand Out

When it comes to recruiting, we rarely hear about the importance of building a brand to attract applicants. In the modern business context with escalating competition while talent pool is still tight, it is crucial to build a good employer brand, with top-of-the-mind recall. You have to do much more than offer higher salaries, attractive bonuses and flexible working hours to stand apart. Read more

Be Strategic When Applying For A Job

Craig – President, en world Group, in which Navigos Search is a member – shared several reasons why you need to exhibit both strategic thinking and common sense in how you send out job applications, the kind of changes wrought by social media now and what you can do to be more effective in presenting and controlling your image online. Read more

interviewFrequently asked interview questions

Be prepared to answer frequently asked questions, such as questions concerning your career path and aspirations. Read more

stressThe A-B-C-D of Managing Stress at Work

Many factors contribute to make a typical work day fairly stressful. To a certain extent, stress tends to boost the human productivity, but after it passes a certain point it can become debilitating. Read more

unproductiveThings that Make You Unproductive at Work

Time is a finite resource. There are only 24 hours in a day and only a small part of that is actually available to you for work. This means you need to ensure that you use what time is available to you, well. Read more

jobhoppCommon Job Hopping Reasons

About a decade ago if a person had shifted jobs more than twice in the last five years, he would be considered an unreliable person. Today, this is just not true. The industrial trends show that people stay in jobs for much shorter times these days than they did back in the last century. So what are the common reasons for job hopping? Read more

A Story Of Water And Salt

A conversation between a young man and an old one about how to overcome negative thoughts. Read more

Fishing and busines

A conversation between a fisherman and a young entrepreneur about the purpose of life. Read more

Where Do You Stand On The Leadership Spectrum?

Although they may attain high-level positions in their careers, some people cannot become good leaders. Traits such as aggressiveness and selfishness might allow them to be promoted but would certainly prevent them from developing an enthusiastic and loyal team. Navigos Search has collated some best practices to help leaders stay on the right track. Read more