Contingency Search

Our core business offering is contingency executive search. This means that clients pay on a success basis – once they have carefully assessed and selected the most suitable for their requirements.

Navigos Search maintains a high standard of service and transparency of effort. We try to strategically partner with all our clients, invest time in understanding the unique business and cultural realities of each, thereby ensure the perfect candidate – client fit.

Our Contingency Search process

1. Consultation with the client company

  • Client HR Team will send details of current vacancy to Navigos Search team.
  • Our team will ensure complete clarity on the Job Description by approaching Client HR team with questions.
  • On receiving clarity, Navigos Search team will share timelines and initiate search.

2. Screening and preparation of a candidate list

Market Mapping and screening of Curriculumn Vitae (CVs) by Navigos Search team.

3. Candidate interview by consultant

The consultant will meet with the candidates listed to discuss the role directly with them considering experience, skill set, language proficiency, interest in the position available, and their “fit” with the client company. Only candidates who meet the criteria and express an interest in your company will be submitted.

4. Arrangement of candidate interviews

The consultant will recommend screened candidates to the client company and serve as a direct liaison in arranging for candidate interviews by the company.

5. Feedback on interviews, signing of contract and negotiation of terms and conditions

Throughout the interview process, the consultant will provide feedback to both the client company and the candidates. Should the company make an employment offer to a candidate, the consultant will negotiate on the candidate’s behalf such terms and conditions as annual compensation, working conditions, and start date.

6. Hiring

Once the client company and the candidate come to an agreement on the terms and conditions, the hiring decision is finalized and an employment contract is signed. Navigos Search’s fee will generally be invoiced at this time. Should the successful candidate leave the company for personal reasons within a certain period after hiring, a replacement and or refund will be provided as per our signed Terms and Conditions.

7. Aftercare services

Navigos Search consultants are professional advisors who provide the best recruitment solutions to client companies. Their work does not end with the introduction of talent to client companies but continues into providing aftercare services. Following each placement, our consultants maintain regular contact with both client and candidate to ensure that the two are able to maintain a good relationship that allows for a satisfying and successful work experience over a long period.

To speak to us in more detail on how we can support your business then please email us at (in Hanoi) and (in HCMC) or call us on +84 4 6278 5199 (HN) and +84 8 5404 4936 (HCMC).