Mai Tran, HCM - Professional Services, Ho Chi Minh CityMai Tran, HCM - Professional Services, Ho Chi Minh City

Mai Tran

OfficeHo Chi Minh City
TeamHCM - Professional Services
LanguagesVietnamese, English
EducationTelecommunication and Electronics Engineering
Qualification MBA

Mai Tran


Specialty and Market Coverage

Mai Tran is Senior Consultant in ICT with the background in high-tech industry.


Mai Tran started at Navigos Search in June 2014 to explore her career path.
Before joining Navigos Search, she worked for eSilicon Vietnam for 8 years in HR Department, focusing on recruitment and talent development. In her role, she has contributed significantly to eSilicon’s resource development in Vietnam before and after eSilicon acquired a local circuit design company.
Mai has more than 13 years of experience in the IT sector, across verticals and geographies. She has a deep understanding of the business realities and challenges of the IT sector, having experienced it all at the grass roots level. As a young software engineer, Mai worked in Vietnam, US and Korea. Gradually, her interest and inclinations made her transition to the HR team at a software company. After spending many years on the client side, Mai is enjoying the dynamic pace on the agency side. Despite being a new addition to the Navigos Search family, Mai has demonstrated her capabilities by efficiently understanding the nuances of client requirements and empathizing effectively with candidate needs.

Message To Candidates

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