July 13, 2016

Hanoi, 12 July 2016 — Navigos Search has recently published a report on the recruitment demands for mid-level and senior managers in Vietnam in Q2/2016 (from April to June). The report was made based on the recruitment submissions sent by our clients to us in the Quarter. Some notable recruitment trends have been recorded in this report.

Rapid growth in recruitment demands for mid-level and senior managers in Quarter 2
The number of recruitment submissions for senior and mid-level candidates sent to Navigos Search increased by 38% in Quarter 2 compared to Quarter 1. Recruitment demands in the Manufacturing sector ranks the 1st with 30% in the quarter, followed by the Consumer Goods at 25%. The Banking – Finance – Real Estate sectors make up 13%, while the IT sector accounts for 8%.

Manufacturing has many large projects, while it is not easy to hire senior candidates in this sector
Quarter 2 saw many foreign companies in the electronics sector to expand their operation by opening more factories. As a result, recruitment demands for managerial positions in these factories increased fast. In the North, huge investments have been being made to electronics projects; some of the projects have started being built while some others have been granted with licenses of investment. Therefore, project managers and other department managers are highly recruited.

In the thermal power sector, a number of big projects invested by foreigners have been granted with licenses of investment in the form of BOT. Hence, recruitment demands for senior managers are also high. With the requirement for more than 20 years of experience in thermal power, including many years working with the Government’s agencies, and extremely good command of English, only few candidates are eligible. Consequently, the competition to attract these candidates is extremely fierce.

Commercial sector: Health care for livestock, poultry and pets are “thirsty” for candidates with good English

In the South, strong growth has been being seen in the industry of health care for livestock, poultry and pets. This industry relates to medicine, vaccine, and nutrition food for livestock, poultry and pets. Relevant multinational groups mainly have regional head offices in Thailand. However, in recent years, these groups have opened offices in Vietnam to expand their business in this potential market. The most hunted positions are related to technical consultancy and sales. According to Navigos Search’s consultants in this industry, Vietnamese candidates can compete technically with Thai peers; however, English is a disadvantage for the former. Many vacant posts could not be filled by Vietnamese candidates; therefore, Thai personnel have been sent to Vietnam to work. Many of Thai employees even learn Vietnamese so that they can approach the local consumers better and faster.

Also in the commercial sector, some big brands in textile & garment and footwear are looking for Vietnamese personnel because they have started to open official procurement offices in Vietnam rather than work through agents as they did before. Some senior and mid-level positions, which used to be taken by Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean or HongKong personnel, will be gradually handled by Vietnamese candidates.

Highest salaries belong to the manufacturing, finance, consumer goods, and real estate sectors
These are some sectors with the highest salaries offered to senior managers. In this Quarter, General Manager of a company in the manufacturing sector was paid with the highest salary of VND240 million per month. The position is followed by two other senior managers in the Textile & Garment sector and Consumer Goods sector with a monthly salary of VND200 million and VND195 million, respectively.
In Hanoi, the highest salary was offered to a senior director of a company in the finance sector.
A senior manager in the real estate sector, who was paid a monthly salary of VND100 million, is among the Top 10 positions with the highest salaries in Quarter 2.

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